Pink Floyd Pinball Machine

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What is known about the Pink-floyd digital pinball machine Floyd?

To date, Stern and JJP (Jersey Jack Pinball) seem to have deigned to create it, but only that, it seems. The only thing certain is that there is no real Pink Floyd pinball machine. What you see above, in just a similar plot. How can we assure you that this is so?

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Dozens of users in the forum have started this dispute to see who ”takes the cat to water” and becomes the first manufacturer to produce the Pink Floyd range of pinball machines

The reason why a Pink Floyd pinball machine has not yet been generated is not 100% clear. In a photo taken from, we can see how the group’s rights banned the attempt to build a pinball machine model under their name

For now, you and any of the users who haven’t found us yet, will only be able to enjoy Pink Floyd pinball in arcade mode, in digital mode. It’s not all bad, right 😊?

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