Flying Carpet Pinball Machine Gottlieb

This is what the Flying Carpet pinball machine looks like!

When did the Flying Carpet pinball machine emerge?

What the project is, emerged in January 1972, while two months later, in March, was when the first model was put on sale. The person in charge, as almost always happens with the old pinball ranges, Glottlieb. Who were responsible for building this pinball?

The design of the game is the result of Ed Krynski, while the artwork is the result of Gordon Morrison. Production was just over 3,000 units, with an average value of between 800 and 900 dollars. This model did have the round score: 9999. They just put the 0 in front of it, as happened with many pinballs of the time

As an additional fact, there was a pinball machine that was very inspired by the design of the Flying Carpet. This was the “Spirit of 76”, whose foundation occurred in 1975 by Mirco Games. The confusion of the foundation of the Flying Carpet with this model was an evidence: a percentage of people dated it in March. Others in January

The only certain thing is what we commented above, whose information has been extracted from the two websites with more specific information on pinballs. The theme on which this pinball machine was inspired was fantasy, myth and legend

Which Characteristic stood out from the rest on the Flying Carpet pinball machine?

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 12 stand-up targets

– Double lane

– No slingshots

– Multi-ball from 3 to 5

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