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Invention of the stargate pinball machine

Its design was inspired by the movie Stargate, which dates back to 1995, and its precursors are Ray Tanzer and Jon Norris. To date, it has produced 3600 units. Its gameplay is developed in a somewhat abnormal way, inspired by the thesis of the film

First, the player starts with two balls. In order to get a third ball, he must get an extra score, which can only be achieved if he goes through the ball in the double-height tunnel. In total, he can release a total of 4 balls. But what stands out the most is the pyramid figure that it has in the most front part

This consists of a kind of lid that goes up and down. A ship called a Glidercraft, when the pyramid is open, will bank making left and right movements. In addition, this pinball machine model has two “Horus” type holes. Its purpose is not what you think, it is the following:

Levitate the balls of the pinball machine! Yes, as you read. With this, the player is prevented from reaching key points to, first, have several balls in play, and second, achieve extra scores, “record” scores. This elevation does not occur recurrently, but intermittently

The mechanics responsible for this pinball machine were Marion Czyz and Wesley Chang; Allen Edwall software; the work Constantino Mitchell; the animation Alycen Hareas, Rand Paulin and Venecia Jordan; and sound Craig Beierwaltes and Duane Decker

The 8 Features of the Stargate pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 2 ramps

– 1 screen DMD

– 2 “Horus” stand-up targets

– 1 pyramid that goes up and down

– 3 wizard modes (Eye Of Ra, Stargate and Sandstorm)

– 1 “Glidercraft” ship

– Multi-balls up to 4

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