Street Fighter Pinball Machine Gottlieb

This is what the Street Fighter pinball machine looks like!

When was the Street Fighter pinball machine released?

In March 1993, a total of just over 7,300 units were sold, most of which were offered for a value between 1900 y 2300 dólares

The main designers of this pinball machine prototype were the following: Bill Parker, Jon Norris, Mike Vetros and Ray Tanzer, the game designers; Constantine Mitchell and David Moore

Its theme is inspired by martial arts, as a video game. It stands out because one of the flippers is capable of rotating 360 degrees, something that did not exist to date, except for one model, the Stern Hot Hand from 1979

With what phrases was it advertised in the market-sale? With these: “Shoot the target of the bracelet”, “No location is complete WITHOUT this pair!” and “We dare you to fight on our playing field!”

One piece of information that had was that Gottlieb had a hard time acquiring the license for this pinball machine. In Japan, where he was born, he wanted to develop an arcade room oriented to this game

However, it only remained an idea and that allowed Gottlieb to be able to have the license, and later, manufacture it and sell it to the market

The 6 Relevant Features Street Fighter pinball machine:

– 5 flippers (one of them is below playfield, and it rotates 360 degrees)

– 2 pop bumpers

– 3 level playing field

– 1 spinning target

– 3 ramps

– Multi-balls up to 3

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Am I likely to find the Street Fighter pinball machine in stock?

Look, we’ve already told you that if we have to go all the way to Japan to tell the company to release a game, we’ll do it. The hopes of achieving it are few, especially since we are not people of power like the famous, who, by virtue of being famous, are already well received or more willing to listen to them than a normal person. Leaving the dreams aside, let’s go with reality:

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