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Best Offer Twilight Zone pinball machine at

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Historical data Twilight Zone pinball machine

When was the Twilight Zone pinball machine invented?

This pin dates from April 1993, as far as idea is concerned

It was put up for sale on the market in May of that same year

What type of pinball machine is the Twilight Zone range?

It is Solid State class

How many units of the Twilight Zone pinball machine have been sold?

15235 units

What size cabinet does the Twilight Zone pinball machine have?


Which people were involved in the design of the Twilight Zone pinball machine?

On game design, Pat Lawlor

In software, Larry DeMar and Ted Estes

In the illustration, John Youssi

On sound, Chris Granner

On the voice, Tim Kitzrow

What advertising phrases were used to market the Twilight Zone pinball machine?

  • Twilight Zone includes more patent pending features than any other game in history!
  • Enter a new era of pinball
  • You just crossed… into the twilight zone
  • Time is a one way street… except in the Twilight Zone

Is there a digital version of Twilight Zone pinball?

One yes, the other no:

Ello was available as a table licensed The Pinball Arcade for various platforms, until the license expired in 2018

And the one that exist doesn’t have a purchased license and is available to play in Visual Pinball and Future Pinball. Both games can be played with Windows operating system

These are the 11 Main Features of the Twilight Zone pinball machine:

– 4 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– Double ramp

– Double left lane

– 1 vertical Rocket ball kicker

– DCS sound system

– 1 clock that acts as a rotating target

– Automatic double plunger

– 1 magnet that stops the rolling of the ball, present in the Powerfield (mini-game field where the ball rolls

– Powerball ball, a ceramic ball that is 20% lighter than a steel ball, and is not affected by the magnets on the pitch

– Multi-balls up to 6

Which 2 stores have more Twilight Zone pinball machines for sale?

EBAY and THE PINBALL COMPANY. One is the best if you buy a used range of Twilight Zone pinball machines, the other is the best if you are looking to buy the fully refurbished Twilight Zone pinball machine

Both e-commerce, have a “pay later” payment service, which consists of paying the pins for an “x” number of months. The minimum is marked by with 24 months, and the maximum is marked by, with 36 months

How are these two stores different? In Ebay there is not usually a return policy as extensive as in TPC, with a duration of up to 1 year. That does NOT mean that it is not feasible to use Ebay to buy it

PS: Did you know that we adapt to the purchase of your Twilight Zone range geo-locally? Write us to know more details about it!

If any part of that Twilight Zone range that you bought from said store is defective, will be there to help you financially. We collaborate with eBay, and as such, we have to give you, at a minimum, facilities when buying, but also details that help you decide, as in this case

The price of the Twilight Zone pinball machine at The Pinball Company is $12,999, while on Ebay, the value of the Pinside Twilight Zone pinball machine averages around $6,500-$7,500