Dixieland Pinball Machine Bally

This is what the weird looking Dixieland pinball machine looks like!

Invention of the Dixieland pinball machine:

The start date of the project began on October 10, 1967, but it finally reached the market in April 1968. A total of 1800 units have been sold, with an unknown estimated value

The plot it was inspired by was music and happiness. Ted Zale was involved in almost the entire structure of this pinball game: in the design, in the concept, in the mechanics and in the animation

On the other hand, Christian Marché took part in the work. The company responsible for its manufacture was Bally. 9999 points was the maximum score that could be obtained. Did you know that the manufacturer will anti-eye seal both the glass and the plexiglass?

More details: On the playing field, a reference is made to a city. That city is New Orleans, USA. It stood out for the use of zippered flippers, something that was gaining less and less ground because its use was not the most sophisticated

The main sentence of this pinball was the following: “Bally Dixieland wins money to beat the gang”

The Features of the Dixieland’s pinball machine

– 2 zipper flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 4 mushroom bumpers

– 3 slingshots

– 1 kick-out hole

– 1 mini-bagatelle

– 2 ramps, one of them with a bypass door

– 1 ball damper, which acts as a rebound

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