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Historical facts about The Flintstones pinball machine

What year was The Flintstones pinball machine made?

July 1994

What type is The Flintstones pinball machine?

SS (Solid State) class

How many units of The Flintstones pinball machine have been produced?

4779 units produced

What size cabinet does The Flintstones pinball machine have?

Medium in size

At what average price have they bid for The Flintstones pinball machine?

Between $3,700 and $4,300

Which characters designed The Flintstones pinball machine?

– Game design: John Trudeau

– The software: Jeff Johnson

– The sound: Dave Zabriskie

– Music: Dave Zabriskie

What marketing slogan was used to make The Flintstones pinball machine known?

  • Modern stone age family fun for all ages!
  • It’s the wrath of the Stone Age!
  • Meet the Flintstones: Williams’ new rock-solid prehistoric pinball game
  • Just Yabba-Dabba-Doo It!
  • Get the Flintstones: a game just out of history. If you’re looking for a rock-solid pinball investment, check out the Flintstones. It’s Pinball with a Boulder focus.”

These are the 9 Characteristics of The Flintstones pinball machine:

– 3 flippers

– 2 pop bumpers

– 2 ramps

– 2 standing targets

– Automatic plunger

– 1 ejection hole

– Each player has a total of 9 life balls to play

– 1 matrix panel with LED lighting

– Multi-balls up to 4:

Multi-ball Dino’s Frenzy, start 2 balls

Regular multi-ball: start 3 balls

Multi-ball Bowl-o-Rama, start 4 balls

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