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When was the Freedom pinball machine patented?

It was idealized in July 1976, that is, that was the date when it was put on sale for the first time, but its manufacturing date dates from October 8, 1975. It was the first machine with massive sales from the manufacturer Bally, other of the most proven pinball brands on the market

Initially, it was not launched on the market because one of its components was not 100% operational, specifically the bumper. Quickly, the brand saw the error and was launched, until reaching the current dates, in December 1976. It sold a total of more than five thousand units, more specifically 5080 units

The game design was patented by George Christian, but the final work was done by Christian Marché. It was more complicated to sell in the European market, since the beginning of its sales in this market were not as expected. The Europeans complained that there was a buffer between the athletes. This feature was removed

Another thing that happened was that they removed their manufacturing date. The operators in charge of seeing it saw this as a necessity, since many people seeing such old dates could back down when buying the game. The motto of this pinball game is “The Profit Revolution”!

ATTENTION to what we are going to tell you:

One of the things that stood out most about this pinball machine was the type of button responsible for propelling the pinball ball. It used what is called the “pop” bumper technique. What does this mean?

If the other thing was a slingshot, here the opposite happened: by means of a button, just by pressing it, the ball would shoot out, as happens with the pinball machines that you can see in any game room

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The 7 Features of the Freedom pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 1 drop target from 5 banks

– 1 stand-up target

– 2 spinning targets

– 2 kick-out holes

Where to buy the Freedom pinball machine?

The safest store to buy this model of pinball machine is on, with which we collaborate. Pinball Company does not have this type of pinball machine available as of this writing. It goes without saying that, for your purchase, you have our online store available

This does not mean that you have to buy it from here, but that you know that by visiting this specific page, we will always provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to informing you where you can buy it or, directly, putting it in stock in this page dedicated to Freedom

The price of this pinball machine, given its age and the fact that most models are used, will be around 2,000 or 3,000 dollars, although it will always have the last word that vendor who has his Freedom pinball machine for sale. You know what? We will be available for life to notify you about Freedom pinball machine stock 😊