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History of the Alice Cooper pinball machine

In December 2017, Spooky Pinball LCC founded this model of pinball machine. Among his attributions, he highlighted the few sales he made (500), due to the fact that it was launched on the market as a limited edition, and its high average value, located between the 6300 and 7000 dollars

Behind its design were the following people: Charlie Emery as the main actor, the programming destined for Bowen Kerins, David Fawcett and Scott Danesi

The animation was the work of David Van It is the sound for Scott Danesi. It has been seen for sale on dozens of occasions and we even have a curious photo next to this pinball. If you want to know, click here

The pitch is notable for having a magnet that brings the ball to the center of the game and for not having any pop-up bumpers. Did you know that this pinball range emits 700 different Alice Cooper voices?

In addition, it contains 10 significant songs by A.C. The marketing slogan used in this pinball prototype was the following “You are a real Ghostbusters, aren’t you?”

The Characteristics of the Alice Cooper’s pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 1 spinning target

– 6 stand-up targets

– 1 habitrail

– 2 magnets

– 2 ramps

– Double flipper target

– 1 independent drop target

– Multi-balls up to 3

Best Offer Alice Cooper pinball machine at

Best Offer Alice Cooper pinball machine at

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