Primus Pinball Machine Stern

First look at the Primus pinball machine!

How was the Primus pinball machine made?

As a limited edition, and Stern Pinball released it on the market in December 2018. The manufacturer agreed to sell 100 units worldwide, plus another 8 units, which will go to the members of the band and the people responsible for its construction

The main supporter of its design is Dennis Nordman, Zombie Yeti is the one who put the meaning to the work of art and Jerry Thompson to the sound. It currently sells for between $6,600 and $7,600

It has personalized voice-overs with 13 Primus songs, they present the signatures of the 3 members of the band, Les, Larry and Tim, it has LED lighting, a small LCD screen and a green powder-coated cabinet. The maximum score that can be achieved in this pinball machine model is 9999 points

All models have a kind of plate where the number 100 is indicated, alluding to the fact that it is of a limited nature. They continue to be sold and there are even people who resell it at more expensive prices, knowing that it is an exclusive model, but we will talk about it below

These are the Main Features of the Primus pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 4 pop type bumpers

– 1 passive bumper

– 2 slingshots

– 8 star type rollovers

– 2 bullseye targets

– 1 kick out-hole

– 1 ball return lane

– Automatic plunger

– Maximum score: 9999 points

Best Offer Primus pinball machine at

Best Offer Primus pinball machine at

Best Offer Primus pinball machine at

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How likely am I to buy my Primus pinball machine today?

Read carefully: If you are one of the lazy ones, one of those who wants everything done, without wanting to offend you, let us tell you that it will cost you more. On the other hand, if you commit and visit the sites that we are going to tell you about on a regular basis, then you will have a good chance of finding your Primus pinball machine for sale. To do this, do the following

At a quick glance you will have seen how on this specific page of the online store two conditions are met: stock and information. Stock because you have the Pinside portal, where it reveals when it is put up for sale on a marketplace, and eBay, which allows you to get it at a cheaper price. In Pinside you won’t be able to do this, but the stock will be higher

On, less stock, but cheaper costs. The price of the Primus pinball machine on Pinside is around $8,000, while on eBay the thing can be around $8,500-10,000. The shipping cost of the Primus pinball machine on eBay is 500 dollars, always in constant evolution, what tomorrow, when you read us , it may be sold for free. And if you are relatively close, the shipment costs you 0. You have a 30-day return guarantee and the possibility of a payment of up to a maximum of two years