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When was the Mario Bros pinball machine founded?

Manufactured by Gottlieb, which acquired part of the license from Nintendo, it was launched on the market on April 25, 1992. In total, 4,200 models were made, with an estimated value of between $2,400 and $2,800. The design was carried out by Jon Norris, while the illustration was carried out, twice, by Constantino Mitchell and David Moore

Do you know that it was the first prototype of a pinball machine that the manufacturer Gottlieb used a DMD-type display? (Dox Matrix Display), which, as we have just said, was a digital panel that showed the player scores and various animations characteristic of Mario Bros, such as jumping or moving towards the castle

An alternative model was designed for this model, which consisted of the Super Mario 3.0 saga. The playing field, of course, has characteristic prints of Mario Bros and, the main plot of the game, could not be other than rescuing the princess. One of the fins overflows at the top. Its cabinet is made of plywood and a total of 4 players can play.

Next to the top fin is Luigi’s hidden space. Above, has a castle which can be knocked down if you complete the spelling of the word SUPER. To do this, the player has to keep the ball in play for a while. In the left lane you can see the shooter, and its shape is reminiscent of the tubes from Mario Bros, known as “Warp Tubes”

In order for the player to rescue the princess, he has to knock down seven castles from seven different worlds. If the player makes a high score record, he can then play another game. These are the bonus rounds: the round bomb, which is achieved by hitting the target on the left ramp, and done that, if you take the ball to the sump, you get 30 million score

The mega bumpers round, which hits each bumper for 1 million points. Then, Yoshi’s countdown round, which will make you progressively lose points. This starts at 24 million. Another round that if you press the !, you can get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 million points. And finally, the castle extra ball round, which allows you to add an additional ball

To turn on the multi-ball function, the player has to pass the ball in sequence with ramp nº1, nº2, nº3 and nº4. 1 is on the left ramp, 2 is in Yoshi’s box, 3 is on the loop shot that takes the ball to the bumper, and 4 is the shot that comes off the highest flipper. When this is complete, the player has to take the ball to the ejection hole on the left

The 6 Characteristics of the Super Mario pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 2 vertical up-kickers

– 1 stand-up target

– 2 ramps

– Multi-balls up to 3

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