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When was the Centaur pinball machine patented?

Two dates marked the path of this pinball: February 3 and October 4, 1981. Under the rearguard of Bally, this pinball came into the world, with the influence of one that already existed, the Balls-A-Poppin of Bally, from 1956, which was the first model to use multi-balls in its field of play. It was designed by Jim Patla and the artwork starred Paul Faris

Regarding the number of units sold, there were about 3,700. Among the public it was a great success, so much so that in 1983 it was decided to relaunch it as version 2.0 of the Centaur pinball machine, although, As the phrase “second parts were never good” says, in this case, the reception was not as sudden as it was with the first model

The main objective of the game was to annihilate Centaur, one of the mythological characters best known to mankind. It had some sound effects, emulating the digital versions of the Centaur and a magnetic playing field. Do you know that there is a third model?

With a hint of digital, it is the digital pinball version of Centaur that The Pinball Arcade offers all gamers. It’s still licensed and you can play now, for free. The nickname that Bally used for his publicity was the following: “Low-class human…”

The 6 Main Features of the Centaur pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 2 pop type bumpers

– 2 drop targets from 4 banks

– 1 magnet

– 4-in-line drop targets

– Multi-balls up to 5

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