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How was the Bingo pinball machine made?

It was launched on the market due to the approval of the Johnson law in 1950. They were characterized by having a single ball and by their bizarre design on the scoreboard, where a series of rectangle-shaped signs appeared, with different colors and in different sizes, in clear allusion to the theme of the prototype: bingo

Dan Hooker was the main supporter of this pinball machine. The playing field was combined with 25 hatches, alloy springs, extremely neat lamps, and rubber-like posters

This pinball became so popular that Bally had to release the EM version, which had a multi-ball system from 3 to 5. Like bingo, in order to win extra scores, you had to match three numbers on the scoreboard

If he matched again, he earned even more points, and if he matched up to 3 times in a row, the score was multiplied by 100, although this rarely happened. Learn more about it, visit the following article from

What are the characteristics of the Bingo pinball machine?

– 25 holes

– 1 kick-out hole

– 1 slingshot

– 6 shortcuts on the top of the cabinet

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