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This is how the Freddy Krueger pinball machine was produced

Patented in October 1994 by the manufacturer Gottlieb. Game design was done by Bill Parker, Jon Norris and Ray Tanzer. The software was developed by Allen Edwall, Alycen Hareas, and Rand Paulin. The work Constantine Mitchell. The animation Alycen Hareas, Jon Norris and Rand Paulin, in addition to Vecennia Jordan. Lastly, the sound was provided by Craig Beierwaltes, Duane Decker and Robert Englund

Its estimated value is between 2,700 and 3,300 dollars. Its cabinet is normal size and the theme is based on the horror movie “Freddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street. One of the things that most characterized this pinball machine are the horror sounds that were emitted during development of the game

Including the balls, they have a darkened appearance, giving meaning to the plot of the film. Another of the curious ones is Freddy’s claw, emulated in this pinball machine model in the form of a shock absorber, the typical bumper of a pinball machine. In total, almost 3000 units have been sold, and currently, there is little availability of it

Further up the game field, there is Freddy’s head, which allows the balls to exit through an open path, until we reach a total of 4 balls in play. As a last curious detail, it is that you could keep a ball, and as a surprise, put it into play when we have a guest playing

Features of the Freddy Krueger pinball machine

– 4 flippers

– 1 up-post between the flippers

– 1 ball diverter

– 1 hidden ball

– 1 plunger lane

– Multi-balls up to 4

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