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What this man does with The Shadow’s pinball machine is priceless!

Thank you for existing, dear pinball machine The Shadow movie

Not that it exists as such, although it would be funny, but it was in November 1994 when this pinball machine, manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Inc., came to light for the first time. Today, it has sold a total of more than four thousand units. Who were responsible for its creation?

In the first place, Brian Eddy was the main supporter of this model. Mike Boon responsible for the software, the artwork of Doug Watson, the animation Eugene Geer and Scott Slomiany, the sound of Dan Forden. This prototype mixes celebrity with fantasy, the film’s own thesis

The person responsible for giving the voice to this pinball machine was Tim Kitzrow. This consisted in the fact that the pinball machine itself spoke during the development of the game, with the difference that the sound was not the typical robot or Alexa sound that we all know, but precisely the dubbing voice used in the game. movie The Shadow

Ultimately, it also featured speeches by Penelope Ann Miller, Jhon Lone and Tim Curry. Do you know the most striking thing that happened in this pinball? That one of its elements was known to break. Which one? A brass gear located in the rearmost part of the battle center

Some of the best-known mottos that have been used in this range of pinball machines are the following: “Where the shadow falls, profits increase” or “No one can resist the power of the Shadow ” or “The Shadow has the power to cloud the mind of a knight, but The Shadow pinball has the power to take over the minds of players”

The Most Important Characteristics The Shadow’s pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 2 ramps

– 2 kick-out holes

– 1 drop target

– 2 rail diverters

– 1 thrust magnet

– 1 automatic plunger

– Multi-balls up to 5

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