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Cyclone pinball machine review

When was the Cyclone pinball machine founded?

In February 1988 by the company Williams Electronic Games. Its designers were Barry Ousler, the mechanics were carried out by Joe Joos Jr, the software by Bill Pfutzenreuter, the artwork Phyton Angelo and the music Chris Granner. A total of 944 units were sold, with an estimated value of between 2,200 and 2,500 dollars

The plot of this pinball machine model is based on happiness, the circus, the carnival and the fair. It was the second model to represent Chicago’s Coney Island amusement park, after the Comet pinball machine. Regarding the particularities of the playing field, there was a spinning wheel at the top, in which a score could be obtained from 0 to 200,000

Being a wheel similar to the one in the casino, you can play from the worst score, zero, have accumulated 20,000 points and the counter remains at 0, and be able to increase the score by up to 200 thousand. This factor alludes to the shape of the Coney Island attraction, a round shape with innumerable curves. In this wheel, you can see the image of a couple kissing passionately.

Meanwhile, on the back of the marker, there is a print of an Asian dragon, better known as a Chinese Dragon, and on the side, a carnival-type design. This pinball came to exist in a digital version, whose license was part of The Pinball Arcade. FarSight, the company’s main developer, lost its license on June 30, 2018

As a curious fact, it was first put up for sale on the market on February 24, 1988 and the last production date was September 7 of that same year. The most used advertising slogans were: “Ride Cyclone…for a streak of good luck!”, “It will blow your mind!” and “From the most powerful force in the pinball universe. Feel it and be amazed!”

The 7 Features of the Cyclone pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 3 ramps

– 1 scoop

– 1 ball kicker

– 1 rotating wheel called “Ferris” on the playfield

– 1 drop target

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