Slugfest Pinball Machine Williams

This is what the Slugfest pinball machine looks like!

When did the Slugfest pinball machine go on sale?

It should be said that this machine is not a pinball as such. You can already see how it looks in the thumbnail of the video, although the shape of the cabinet, the marking or the measurements of the playing field, reminds us a lot of a real pinball machine. It was in March 1991, when Williams built this pinball machine. The most curious thing, and what caused a stir when it was put up for sale, was the only batter (flipper) that it had

In addition, it also had only one ramp. You can clearly tell what the theme is: sports, and more specifically, baseball. Before revealing more curiosities, the design of the game was carried out by Mark Ritchie, the software Bill Pfutzenreuter, the animation John Tobias, while the music and sound that was produced during the development of the game was the work of Paul Heitsch

To date, just over 1000 units have been sold, with an approximate value of between 1600 and 1900 dollars. More curiosities: Did you know that this pinball machine had some image under the playing field? This was fluctuating in its position, which made it difficult to obtain high scores

For sale has been a total of 89 times, information extracted from In this pinball they could play up to a total of 2 players. Another of those things that made it stand out was the amount of buttons that the device had, breaking any type of pattern. On September 18, 2011, something magical happened with this pinball at

It caused a stir among users because it ranked in the top 100 of the most valued pinball machines by users. The commotion occurred because it did not have one of its compartments that all pinball cannot lack: the pinball machine. However, there is another percentage of people who do consider that this pinball machine should be in the collection

The 5 Features of the Slugfest’s pinball machine

– Three bases on the field game (referring to the bases of a baseball field)

– 1 kick-out hole

– 1 horizontal marker

– 2 red buttons

– 6 green buttons

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Do I stock my Slugfest pinball machine from this online store?

Question that many of our loyal users have asked themselves on countless occasions. If we have to give you an answer, it’s no. Generally, you will be able to enjoy it if you go to a game room. Do not forget that this model was the first with baseball signs in history, and that in many pinball fans it causes a stir, leading various stores to not even put it up for sale

Elitehomegamerooms is the exception. This store not only has a “minimally” insured stock, it also has the return policy for repairs, and subsequent money back, which is the most comfortable on the market. Currently, we have to give you the bad news that their stock is out of stock. As a solution to this, we have prepared another catalog of Surgfest pinball machines for you: the one you have on Ebay

As a general rule, what you usually have for sale on are compartments, not the pinball machine itself. Even so, there are many private users like you, who decide to put it up for sale, but this happens with a very low probability. We only ask you to be attentive to any new news that may arise, regarding its stock, of this old range of pinball machines