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Checkmate the Space Jam pinball machine!

Blessed be the day the Space Jam pinball machine was born…

Haha, sorry if we started like this. One person on our team, as a child, was probably the person who most likely watched Space Jam repeatedly. Every time he watched it, it seemed like a new movie to him. Now that he writes this article, he is all nostalgic

A year before his birth (the person we are talking about), on December 6, 1996, the Space Jam range of pinball machines came to light, the NBA pinball model that more has been sold. In fact, neither itself nor details us about how many sales

Game design starred Joe Kaminkow, Lonnie D.Ropp and Orin Day; the software was part of Lonnie and Orin, and the artwork of Morgan Weistling. Its estimated market value was between $2,500 and $3,000. In total, it has been seen for sale a total of 34 times

Its playing field stood out for the huge basketball that camouflaged the ball rails, and the basket, which achieved a special score. In the center, just at the bottom, you can see the beautiful print of Michael Jordan scoring a triple

The well-known catchphrase for this pinball is: “Pinball is a lot harder than you think, Michael Jordan!” As a curious fact, the NBA model that Stern developed in 2009, had impregnated many of the characteristics of this pinball

Features of the Space Jam pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 ramps

– 1 slingshot

– Possibility to play with up to 5 balls

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