Spirit Of 76 Pinball Machine Gottlieb

This is what the Spirit Of 76 pinball machine looks like!

Why was the Spirit Of 76 pinball machine made?

This pinball machine model was released in December 1975. It was designed by Wayne Neyens and Ed Krynski, and the illustrations by Gordon Morrison, being launched on the market by the manufacturer Gottlieb. A total of 10,300 units were exported and the average value that people paid for this pinball was between 800 and 1000 dollars

The following year, two versions of this range of pinball machines were launched: The Pioneer version, whose main weapon was that it could be played with two players, and the New York version, which had the possibility of playing with several balls and was manufactured as a celebration of the lifting of restrictions in New York on playing the pinball machine

What was the main reason for its creation? As a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of US independence. The prints shown on the cabinet and on the scoreboard are minutemen, lined wagons, and rockets. You could also not miss the horizontal bars and stars, which allude to the flag of the United States

There is a digital version of the Spirit Of 76 pinball machine. The license was purchased by Microsoft. As additional information: many Internet users have confused it with another similar model with the same name, which Mirco Games brought to light. This model cannibalized with the one we talked about

These are the 6 Characteristics of the Spirit Of 76 pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 5 star rollovers

– 2 drop targets from 4 banks

– 1 kick-out hole

– Double lane left and right

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