Royal Flush Pinball Machine Gottlieb

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On what date did the Royal Flush pinball machine originate?

Patented in April 1976. The two main designers of this pinball range were Ed Krynski and Gordon Morrison, who was responsible for the external upholstery of the machine

Regarding the number of sales, the manufacturer Gottlieb did very well: sold a total of more than 12 thousand units, at an average value of about 1000-1200 dollars

You could play with several balls and the maximum scoring system was the standard of the time: 99990 points. A version 2.0 of this pinball machine was released on the market:

Its name was Card Whiz, but it didn’t last long, when the final version came out in 1983, entitled Royal Flush Deluxe. Fun fact: where it was mainly sold was in Canada. This data is extracted from and it is unknown why it was so

Apparently, we found the clue inside the machine, where it has a Canadian flag badge. Everything indicates that it was a model destined to be sold commercially in Canada

Opinion of It makes sense, because in the US it was going to cannibalize, because there were already several of the models that were sold on the subject, in addition to competing with the American market It was more challenging than the Canadian

The Features Royal Flush’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 1 pop type bumper

– 2 slingshots

– 1 drop target from 9 banks

– 6 stand-up targets

– 1 kick-out hole

– 1 ball return rail

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