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Nip-it pinball machine tutorial:

This was the birth of the Nip-It pinball machine:

A project that began on February 8, 1972, blessed February, because many of the old pinball machines were developed in this month. Ted Zale intervened in 4 of the peculiarities of this pinball machine. These were: in the concept, in the design of the game, in the mechanics and the animation. Ultimately, Dick White was responsible for the artwork

4580 units. Those were the models that were sold in total during the time it was for sale in the market, which by the way, in case you did not know, was not launched until July of the following year. The themes on which this pinball machine was inspired was sports, more specifically fishing, water and alligators

The maximum score that the user could obtain is 9999o points. It stood out for having a compartment that was capable of holding the ball for a few seconds. This was in charge of directing the ball to an extra lane, which gave the player extra scores. At first, the figure of the alligator was used to catch the ball

This lasted a short time due to how weak the structure was, that is why it was replaced by steel bars, much more resistant. What used to have the steel bars, the special rail, was where alligator figures were placed. As a curious fact, that model with the alligator on the ball handle and the steel on the lane, is available to a small portion of people

7 Key Features of the Nip-It pinball machine

– 2 zipper flippers

– 4 pop bumpers

– 1 mushroom bumper

– 2 slingshots

– 4 stand-up targets

– 2 kick-out holes

– 2 multi-balls

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