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In what year was the Magic City pinball machine born?

On January 11, 1967, Williams Electronic Games brought to this world this range of pinball machine, in which it represented the immensities of a city, a city that he titled as “magical”. It stages, according to data collected by, LaSalle Street, Chicago. That as for the rear glass

On the pitch, it represents Seattle’s space needle. The designer of this pinball machine model was Norm Clark, while the person in charge of the illustration was George Molentin.

To date, an exact number of 2675 units have been sold, and the maximum score that the user could obtain was 9999 points. Throughout history, it has been seen for sale on different marketplaces 4 times (a figure that may vary over time)

The 7 Features Magic City’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 4 pop type bumpers

– No ramps

– 2 slingshots

– 5 stand-up targets

– Maximum score: 9999 points

– No multi-balls

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Is it possible to buy your Magic City pinball machine currently?

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