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Real-time game of the Whirlwind pinball machine

Information about the Whirlwind pinball machine

January 11, 1990. It was on that exact date that Williams decided to bring this pinball machine model to the world. To date, it has produced a total of more than 7,000 models, the average cost in the market was between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars and it had a normal size cabinet

It was designed primarily by Paul Lawlor. The programming for the Whirlwind range of pinball was done by Bill Pfutzenreuter, the artwork was provided by John Youssi, the sound and animation It was put by Chris Granner and mechanics John Krutsch

How was the playability of this pinball machine? It was distinguished by having three rotating disks on the playing field and a fan, as an ornament, that blew against the player at different phases of the game

The main objective in this pinball was to block access to multi-balls, since the player did it, it was easy for him to reach extra scores, due to the multiple ball shortcuts he had. As a curious fact, on April 12, 1990 the production of this model of pinball machine was ended. These are the marketing slogans that were used:

“It’s a tornado! It’s a tornado!”, “Feel the power of the wind!”, “Additional attractions that blow the competition away!” and “Creating a stir for the ’90s and beyond!”, “The storm has passed… all clear”, “Danger! Go home… the storm is coming”, “Uh oh. It looks like rain…!”

PS: He had a license from The Pinball Arcade to play it digitally, until 2018

The Features of the Whirlwind’s pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 6 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 1 spinning target

– 2 spinning discs

– 2 ramps

– 1 diverter

– 2 cellar holes

– 1 drop target from 3 banks

– 1 kick-out hole

– Multi-balls up to 3

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