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Historical data of the T2 pinball machine

When was the Terminator 2 pinball machine manufactured?

In July 1991

What type of pinball machine does the Terminator 2 range belong to?

It is Solid State type

How many Terminator 2 pinball machines were sold?

A total of 15202 units

What size cabinet does the Terminator 2 pinball machine feature?


What average price did the Terminator 2 pinball machine sell for?

Between $3,050 and $3,550

Which people designed the Terminator 2 pinball machine?

Steve Ritchie was involved in the game design

On the mechanics, Carl Biagi intervened

In software, Dwight Sullivan stepped in

In the illustration, Doug Watson intervened

The animation involved John Vogel and Scott Slomiany

In the sound, Chris Granner intervened

In the music, Chris Granner intervened

Which marketing phrase was used to market the Terminator 2 pinball machine?

  • The highest grossing attraction of the year!
  • Aim for explosive profits!

Is there a virtual version of pinball Terminator 2?

It became available for FarSight Studios in early 2017, until mid-June, but its license with WMS expired in the same month

Sadly, there is no digital version of the Terminator 2 pin as of today

The 13 Features Most Relevant Terminator 2’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 5 stand-up targets

– 2 ramps

– 2 kick-out holes

– 1 oscillating ball cannon

– DMD dot matrix display

– Video mode in DMD panel

– Outlane kickback

– 1 automatic plunger

– 1 habitrail

– 1 vertical up-kicker

– Multi-balls up to 3

What online stores do I have Terminator 2 pinball machine for sale?

In none, Arnold Schwarzenegger have annihilated them all, hahaha 😜. Obviously not, our dear Arnold hasn’t arrived for so long. Now seriously, Terminator pinball fans, you have, in this section, one of the most protofolio of stores that has a particular pinball machine frame in stock. In addition to the acquaintances, of course, you will already know that we work with them, and if not, we will tell you:

The Pinball Company, Ebay and Pinside. So far typical. As we cannot guarantee immediate availability of the T2 range of pinball machines, just one click from the online store, you have instant access to, and vintagarcade. net

In other sections of our website, some of these stores appear, but all together? This is really difficult! So you have to take advantage of this opportunity. The values ​​of the pinball machine on the different websites:

In elitehomegame it is priced at 6999 dollars. In homeluxurygames they are available for an amount of 4299 dollars, the cheapest Terminator 2 pinball machine on the market

For the rest of the T2 pinball machine models, at it has a price of $7,999, and to complete our text density, at Ebay and Pinside sell for around $3,000

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