Monopoly Pinball Machine Stern

Monopoly pinball machine gameplay

From what date does the development of the Monopoly pinball machine?

September 2001. That wonderful 2001, which I remember brings us all the pins. Visit several of the models under the Stern company, so you understand what we are talking about. Before telling you interesting facts, know that these were the main individuals responsible for its creation:

Game Design: Pat Lawlor. Mechanics: John Krutsch. Software: Greg Dunlap and Louis Koziarz. Play: John Youssi and Kurt Andersen- Animation: Kurt Andersen. Melody: Chris Granner. It is a range of pins belonging to the SS and exactly 3,640 units were manufactured, all of them sold at an average cost of between 3,700 and 4,400 dollars

At first it was said that it was SEGA who put labor into this pin, but over time it became known that SEGA and Stern were part of the same company, although they were independent, something that happens a lot with smartphone brands today

Did you know there was an alternate version released titled “Platinum Edition”? It had ornaments signed by Pat Lawlor, John Youssi and Gary Stern. Its production was limited: only 40 units were sold

These are the 3 marketing slogans that were used to be known among the general public: “The best-selling board game is now the most popular new pinball on the boardwalk!”, “Own it all! and “Be a tycoon!”

The Features of the Monopoly’s pinball machine

– 4 flippers (one of them rotating)

– 6 pop type bumpers

– 2 stand-up targets

– LED type marquee

– 4 ramps

– Multi-balls up to 4

– Dimensions: 56″ high, 29″ wide and 76″ deep

– Weight: 250 pounds

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