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Historical data of the Champion Pub pinball machine

What date was the Champion Pub pinball machine manufactured?

In April 1998

What type is the pinball machine from the Champion Pub range?

SS (Solid State) class

How many units of the Champion Pub pinball machine were made?

1369 models

What kind of cabinet does the Champion Pub pinball machine have?

Medium size

Which characters designed the Champion Pub pinball machine?

– Concept: Pete Piotrowski

– Game design: Pete Piotrowski

– Mechanics: Brad Cornell

– Software: Dwight Sullivan

– Illustration: Linda Doane and Paul Barker

– Animation: Adam Rin

– Sound: Rich Carle

What slogan was used to make the Champion Pub pinball machine known to the target audience?

  • I’m O’Brien, and these are my knuckles!
  • Welcome to Champion Pub, kid!
  • I’m your coach boy, so you better listen up!

Is there a virtual pinball version of the Champion Pub storyline?

Yes! It is available for The Pinball FX 3, a virtual gaming platform available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

From 2013 to 2018, it was available for The Pinball Arcade platform, until FarSight Studios (who represented it), expired the contract with WMS

Most Important Champion Pub pinball machine Characteristics!

– 2 flippers

– 1 solenoid up-post in the middle of the flippers, which retains the ball

– 1 ramp

– 1 autoplunger

– 1 ball diverter, which is the punching bag at the top of the playing field)

– 1 spinning target, shaped like a punching bag

– 1 kick-out hole

– Own voice

– Multi-balls up to 4 in different modes:

Fisticuffs Multiball Mode (2 balls)

Multi-Braw Multi-ball mode (3 balls)

Multiball Raid Multiball mode (3 balls)

Champion Multiball Multi-ball mode (4 balls)

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