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When was the Firepower pinball machine released?

In February 1980 by the company Williams Electronic Games. It was designed by Steve Ritchie and was the second model to incorporate its own voice, with permission from the pinball machine from Gorgar. Over 17,000 units were sold, all averaging between $1,300 and $1,600 in value. In addition to S.R, who else was involved in its design?

In the programming John Jung was a witness, in the software Eugene Jarvis, in the artwork Constantino Mitchell and Jeanine Mitchell, in the sound Eugene Jarvis and in the voice, again, Steve Ritchie. The person we mentioned when giving the sound to pinball is not entirely true, you see:

According to the extract of information extracted from, the voice processing was produced apart from the software, so everything indicates that Paul Dussault was the one who really gave voice to this pinball machine model Among the most important attributes of this range of pinball machines, we have the following:

It was the first prototype that had the function of changing lanes, which the player could open freely by pressing the right trigger of the flipper, instead of the CPU, another novelty that did not exist until then. It was the first solid state that had the multi-ball function, with up to a total number of 3 balls

And it was the first to incorporate an animated playing field, although it was somewhat stuck, it had an iframe drop, that is, the visual experience was not the most fluid, given that the capacity of its hardware was not the TOP

These are the Main Features of the Firepower pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 4 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 10 stand-up targets

– 3 kick-out holes

– 2 star rollovers

– 1 spinning target

– 1 outlane kickback

– Multi-balls up to 3

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