List of the 7 Best-Selling Mini – Miniature – Portable & Tabletop Pinball Machines of the 2022

A long journey to that destination that you and your dear family have longed for so much, is seen from two perspectives: the one who is driving and the one who is in the back seat

1… The one who drives, all good, entertained, attentive to what happens on the road, to ensure, by all means, that your wife and children are safe and sound< /p>

2… On the other hand, the one in the back seat, why tell him, right? He seems eternal to her… The minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days. Well, that’s over!

Here we leave you the 7 prototypes of tabletop pinball machines that people currently demand most on Amazon, so that this trajectory is as pleasant or more pleasant than it is for you, than for the dear father or mother 😊

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Comparison and Best Offers of the 7 best-selling tabletop pinball machine models on Amazon

1st: Miniature pinball machine model Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand Boardwalk Arcade

buy miniature pinball machine teenage mutant ninja turtles brand boardwalk arcade

Did you dream of having a real Ninja Turtles pinball machine as a showcase and at the same time playing? Congratulations! has found a model of a portable mini-electronic pinball machine that is very, very restrained in dimensions

Specifically, we’re talking 1.75 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 4.25 inches tall

Its antlers are more robust than normal thanks to its funnel shape, favoring that the accidentally squeezed in the electronic portable mini-pinball machine do not cause irreversible damage or that it is noticeable to simple view

On the sides of the cabinet, there are 2 triggers, as well as on the front (where the conduit to insert the coins would be)

With those 3 buttons, you can freely move the flippers. By holding down the button at the bottom, you can force the slingshot

  • The BEST ✅ it has?: Its price, only 22 dollars, and its moderate weight, just under 50 grams
  • WORST ❌ thing about it?: Not the best tabletop pinball machine gaming experience

2nd: Melissa & Doug Innovation Academy wooden tabletop pinball machine model

buy melissa & doug Innovation academy wooden tabletop pinball machine

This wooden tabletop pinball machine model is presented as the ideal option for those boys and girls who stand out for their creativity, who want to design their own pinball table and that each one of the bumpers, ramps, and shortcuts, previously designed

In the Kit of this product you have added targets of different shapes to place them on the playing field, rubber bands so that the ball, in certain areas of the field, comes out bounced, you have 4 pieces of wood, two to hold it on the table and another two to put it in the lower part, next to the flippers, emulating the real pinball machine

2 flippers, a slingshot, the two buttons to press force on the flippers, wheels with numbers to manually mark the score, 3 pinball balls, screws, a screwdriver and a kind of plane, to that your child has a clear idea of ​​where each element has to go

Its dimensions 9.5 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 2.5 inches high, its weight is just over 1kg and its price is 27 dollars

  • The BEST ✅ you have?: Instruction booklet so your child doesn’t get lost in the process
  • The WORST ❌ thing about it?: There are certain pieces that are very small, which can be a choking hazard for the child. It is recommended that while building the chip table pinball machine, an adult person is present

3rd: Merchant Ambassador brand Arcade electronic portable pinball machine model

buy merchant ambassador brand electronic portable pinball machine arcade

Has your son or daughter ever played pinball in a virtual version, through a console or the computer? If so, they will live! the same experience but live! For starters, it includes virtual game sounds, flashing LED lights, and electronic scoreboards

Its material, metal, gives you 2 advantages: it will last longer and you will have more flexibility when playing it anywhere. It will last longer over time because the alloy withstands better places where there is a lot of heat

How do we start the article, in the middle of a summer route or on a very hot day, it is common for a lot of heat to accumulate in the car. Compared to what we know you use, the wooden table pinball machine model, with this one it will last much longer

Hence we tell you that, associated with the first advantage, you will be able to have more freedom when playing it in different zones. And the same thing we tell you with the heat, if it’s cold. With wood, it wears out faster

This model contains 3 shortcuts, 3 stand-up targets, 6 pop bumpers, 2 flippers, 6 pinball and stickers

Its dimensions are 16 inches long, 11 inches wide and 5.37 inches high, its price is almost 47 dollars and its weight s 1.70kg

  • The BEST ✅ it has?: Its striking finishes, the most attractive in the tabletop pinball machine segment
  • The WORST ❌ you have?: It is not the best value for money

4th: Jujun brand Retro Arcade electronic pinball machine prototype

buy jujun brand retro arcade electronic tabletop pinball machine

ATTENTION to this prototype come from distant lands:

Japan. It is not wasted, because this game includes one of the characteristics that differentiated the pins from Data East (which had a pinball division and dominated sales with an iron fist in the 70s): the sounds of the beginning, middle and end of the game

The first thing that stands out on the pitch is the 6 stand-up targets, 4 pop bumpers included, which will take your child to the experience of more TOP game, and up to 4 shortcuts, which will make the game even more entertaining

Another particularity that this prototype offers, and that others don’t allow you to do, is that the child has the possibility of adding the points manually or electronically. Adding them manually is not a minor thing, as it will enhance the creative part of the brain

Requires 6 AA alkaline batteries for operation, a minimum table space of 16.5 inches long, 10, 2 inches wide and 10 inches tall (bookmark)

Its weight is 0.1kg and it has a price of 74.99 dollars, the most expensive of the entire section

  • The BEST ✅ you have?: It is made of ABS material. This means that your child is more protected from suffering any type of poisoning or bacteria infection
  • The WORST ❌ thing about it?: Its poor portability. Your child will not have as much freedom to place it anywhere

5º: Prototype of mini electronic portable pinball machine JG610 brand LEXiBOOK

buy lexibook brand mini electronic portable pinball machine JG610

Again, it comes from China, but with certain variations with respect to the previous model that we just gutted for you:

It has two bases to regulate the perching, on a slope, of the tabletop pinball machine, its point count panel is larger quality, sharper, and possibility of cutting music

Going deeper, its panel is of the LCD type. Your son or daughter will be able to distinguish the panel better if they play in broad daylight, in the middle of a park or in the car

Its two supports allow you to have a greater or lesser angle of inclination. This detail is ideal if, for example, your child plays in the car and has the tabletop pin machine on his legs

Ideally, to promote cervical health, it is that he is slightly inclined. On the other hand, leaning on a dining room or kitchen table, you can place both supports

The same goes for the ability to override music:

The models that we mentioned above you can’t stop their music, which will mean that your son or daughter can’t play with it at home or in the car, the brother, sister or relative on duty is sleeping

It works with 3 lithium batteries type LR14/C 1.5 V, its dimensions are 52 inches in length long, 26 inches wide and 5 inches tall, and its price is just $41.70

  • The BEST ✅ it has?: Its excellent 2-year warranty
  • The WORST ❌ thing about it?: It doesn’t come with the power supply included

6th: Vintage Buffalo Games brand mini tabletop pinball machine model

buy vintage buffalo games brand mini tabletop pinball machine

Do you want your child to have as many opportunities as possible to get high scores? With this model you will achieve it: bring up to 10 pinballs, the one with the most balls in the segment!

Two materials are mixed, although one abounds almost entirely: it includes 90% of the cabinet in plastic, and the playing field outlined in wood, to favor the rolling of the ball

It has several shortcuts that, if you hit them, allow you to add from 100 to 500 points. In addition to this, it includes 2 flippers, a ramp, a jump, two very elastic rubber pop bumpers and a spinner

PS: It does not have sound, not being the most enriching gaming experience

Its measures 19 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, 3 inches high, its price is 34 .99 dollars and its weight is 1kg

  • The BEST ✅ it has: The possibility of being able to play in multi-ball mode up to a total of 10
  • The WORST ❌ thing about it?: its materials are not the most robust on the market

7th: Brio brand Vintage portable pinball machine model

buy vintage portable pinball machine brand brio

And for the end… we have left the prototype of the best-selling Vintage style portable tabletop pinball machine on Amazon! And with nothing more and nothing less than more than 350 positive evaluations, of 4/5 stars in its endorsement. What’s so special about it? This:

The first thing to review is the plot it represents, the space, the universe, more specifically the outline of Saturn. Who has not wanted to look at it in real time with the telescope? Raise your hand!

Highlights the two swirling ramps that return the ball to the flippers, two shortcuts at the top and a target standing on the left side, with the particularity that everything is excessively hidden, as it is not known where the ball is at all times

It has a wooden base to facilitate adherence to the tabletop, 4 metal balls, a slingshot with a wooden knob and two triggers to press the 2 flippers separately

Its measurements are 20.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 4.75 inches high, its price is $54.99 and weight is 1.65kg

  • The BEST ✅ that it has: its wood is FSC certified (wood with 0% risk of toxic environmental impact)
  • The WORST ❌ thing about it?: its materials are not the most robust on the market

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And all this, even if we lose out and lose money along the way! Now, tabletop pinball fan, what criterion do you prioritize when buying your portable pinball machine?

We explain the 2 main ones so you know which portable pinball machine to choose:

Are you looking for portability in the portable pinball machine?

You have two models of tabletop pinball machines according to their portability:

Tabletop pinball machine with small dimensions

As a general rule, this section includes models of portable wooden and plastic pinball machines

Its measurements are within the standard: less than 20 inches for each of the sides (length, width and height)

Large tabletop pinball machine

This group includes portable pinball machine models made of metal and steel

Your measurements, at least one of them (length, width or height) is greater than 20 inches. The rest of the parts can be less than 20 inches or greater than 20

Do you prioritize the price you want to pay on the tabletop pinball machine?

You may want to spend as little as possible due to financial problems or because you don’t want to spend more money, just like that. Here is the only criterion to determine the price of the portable pinball machine:

Check if it is soft or hard finish

In relation to what was said above, if the model has soft upholstery, such as plastic, cork and cardboard, you will be able to buy cheap pinball table machines, with worse finishes and less resistant over time, below 20-30 dollars approximately

On the other hand, if the model has firm upholstery, such as steel, iron or copper, you will be able to buy more exclusive portable pinball machines, with better finishes and more resistant in the time, with prices above 40-45 dollars approximately