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Who has not seen in the computers of yesteryear, with those already outdated windows XP, in the games folder, a game dedicated to the pinball machine? Surely the vast majority have tried them on more than one occasion, including ourselves!

So many afternoons of entertainment, to bite into getting the highest score, to achieve national or world records , to have that insatiable attitude when it comes to playing … Does this sound like something to you? comes to this world with humble steps in order to give you the curiosities about this wonderful recreational game whose origin dates back to the 18th century

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Look at the category of pinball machines in different patterns that we lovingly prepare for you!

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You think of alternatives and you think of so many, that you are left as at the beginning: with nothing 💔. You are left without your pinball machine, sadly yours and ours. Erase that sadness! Erase that drama! Erase those penalties!

In a matter of seconds or a couple of hours, depending on whether something is missing, you will learn to build from scratch and on your home sofa an original pinball machine, made by your own hands , with more than 2 flippers and several extra balls to play . If you don’t believe us, don’t click here below ☟

👉 Discover how to make your own homemade pinball machine easily

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What models of Playboy pinball machines are currently for sale on eBay?

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Completely new 1978 restored Playboy pinball machine from Ballys brand

Yes, as you can see from the title, this Playboy prodigy is over 40 years old. Obviously it has been restored over the years, but each of the details that are now present in this pinball machine are 100% original and passed through the hands of Playboy collaborators.

It is the most expensive model given its age and the most polished in each of its elements, such as the glass, the legs, the scoring tower, the elements inside, the flippers, absolutely everything. It has a total of three para-balls in a circular shape, exit of extra balls of up to a total of 5, ramps and 4 shortcuts at the top, characterized by having Playboy logos. The seller does not accept returns, but it is not something that has to scare you:

This electronic pinball machine is perfectly witnessed and in perfect condition to be received by a customer. If you have a detail that we will tell you below, you can pay it in terms of up to 24 months, a detail to take into account so as not to notice such a large financial outlay from the first moment

Used Playboy Pinball Machine

With this title, you can’t expect anything else that has been used a lot. Not for that reason it is bad, but with these types of details and more than you will soon discover, you will realize why this model, similar in almost everything to the previously mentioned Play pinball machine model, is 5 times cheaper. The first thing you have to know is that the sides of the scoring tower of this pinball machine are more worn.

It is much more worn not only here, but in each of the internal or external elements, such as the legs that hold it or the patterns inside the machine, inside the glass, unlike the other model, which is all upholstered as if it had been built recently. By the way, this Playboy pinball device also began to give its first echoes back in 1978

This range of pinball machine receives fewer visits than Playboy’s first expensive pinball machine range. In other words, it is less sold mainly because of a mark that the seller mentions, where he claims not to be sure of the current state of its operation , something basic that if or if it has to be fulfilled and more when we are going to make such an outlay of money. important and the seller does not accept any type of return . If you choose to pay this model in installments, know that it is three times as cheap

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How to make a homemade pinball machine correctly?

We go researching the internet, we spend dozens of minutes, even hours, looking at and looking at models of pinball machines with 5 balls, with 6 balls or with 7 balls, with finishes of our favorite anime characters but after beating ourselves up, we we realize something terrible:

Most of them, the considered genuine pinball machines, are inaccessible, in terms of price, for many of the users who visit us daily. And of course, who does not say that he wants a real pinball machine and not an “f***” for an imitation pinball device and that it is useless? Almost no one, to say none

That is why we have given you the definitive solution to this problem: for a small cost, if you do not have some of the materials that we will now tell you and with a clear, direct and to the point explanation through didactic text and a YouTube video. taken from the famous channel “I tell you how to do it  , you will learn to build an original and compact domestic pinball machine from scratch

It does not matter if you have always been bad at crafts. This time you will hit the key, you will see that it is. Enjoy our tutorial dear pinballero / a!

Materials you need to make your homemade pinball machine

The vast majority of these elements can be obtained in many physical stores in your residence or in the comfort of this page of , for a small price. These are:

  • Cardboard
  • A small blade to cut folios
  • Wooden chopsticks or chopsticks instead
  • Canic
  • DIN-A4 sheets
  • Awl
  • Nut washers
  • Pen
  • Cardstock of various colors
  • Glue gun
  • Elastic band
  • Strong glue
  • Elastic rubber
  • Thread
  • Wire
  • Pliers

The video starts at 3:00, which is when it starts. The first thing you have to do is have the video, of course. Here it is:

The second thing is to have each of the fragments of the template printed on several DIN-A4 sheets, 6 specifically, so that later, once you paste everything together on the cardboard, it will be exactly as seen at minute 3:21, which He has done the same thing we just told you.

The next thing you will have to do is count the dots in yellow and the white dot below. Here is the template:

Each of them will determine your score and the target score so that we are going to tell you, it is what nobody wants to happen to him… To do this, you will use the blade that is reflected at minute 3:27. Important: Try to cut each of the points of the points slightly larger than the marble so that it penetrates through it without any problem

The next thing to elaborate are the well-known “flipers”, flanks or side raised to a measured height, the walls through which the pinball ball collides until it reaches the levers, located just below the whole. To do this, you will use normal wooden sticks or Chinese sticks of approximately 5mm in diameter, and with the help of an awl, make the mark or sign where you will insert the stick, as you can see at minute 3:58

Where you have to make the mark is indicated in two points below, next to where we will place our homemade pinball levers. Make sure you make the slit big enough for the stick to fit in without any problem. At 4:16, you can see how he uses nut rings, the same size as the toothpicks. What you have to do with them, first, is to stick them in the two indentations that you just made

Consequently, take the template glued to the cardboard and paste it on another cardboard with the same length, width and the same thickness, as you can see at minute 4:32 . Make sure they are even and similar to how they did in minute 4:38, mark with the help of a pen the two holes of the washers on the cardboard that you just left just below the one you already had

When we have made the slits in the cardboard that is exempt from the template, we glue the rings as we did previously. You can see this step in detail from minute 4:52. Placing the video right at 5 minutes, it is the turn to build the partitions of the homemade pinball machine. You don’t want the ball to go to hell, right?

Well, pay attention to what we will tell you: to make the walls, cut 2cm cardboard strips and put them in both the length and the width of the template. The thing is that everything is airtight and safe so that the ball is located at all times inside the home pinball machine

Being horizontal, like the traditional electronic pinball machine, the right and left sides are longer, therefore, you will have to join several strips until everything is covered . The same with the thickness, as detailed from minute 5:25 . We must strictly follow what the template tells us, without further ado

In short, you have to look like the minute 5:50 . Got the idea right? The next thing is to glue each of the internal pieces of the board of the homemade pinball machine, that is, each of the mini-partitions present where the marbles will circulate. Here is the template:

If you look closely, each of these colored pieces of cardboard is shaped like the blank spaces on the template. This is where each of the pieces will overflow. You will proceed to cut them ( minute 6:12 ). You can help yourself with the template to shape each of these fragments: Help yourself to a piece of paper and then, placing it on the cardboard, cut them out with the knife and the help of a ruler so that everything comes out more precise

Make sure the pieces are about 1cm thick size. To line each of the pieces, use the cardboard the same size (width) as the marbles. To stick them, use the silicone gun, preferably, so that it does not come off with the impact of the marbles, as you can see at minute 6:50

It has to be as reflected in the minute 7:06 . To fill in the remaining hollowed part that remains from the lining, you can use several cardboard dice that are at the same height as the lining. In all of them, introduce silicone glue and stick them right in the blank spaces that we told you before. We put the template again so that you know how the shape of each of the templates has to be:

At minute 7:40 you can see how the pieces at the top look, so you can see how it looks and get an idea. It is at minute 7:50 where everything is already seen as ways, as we hope that yours is remaining

Ok, so far so good. The next thing you have to do is glue the 4 slightly elongated pieces. The width has to be equal to that of the marbles and the length as it is in the template. We do the same procedure of lining them again to be something showy and not simple

On the edges you have to glue other cardboard strips, the same size as the thickness of the cardboard, so that everything is well dressed. From minute 8:15 you can see this process in detail. 10 seconds later, you can see how everything looks to get an idea of ​​how it should look

Always make sure before gluing it, that the ball penetrates without problems on both sides of the gaps resulting from coupling the different partitions. To make the levers, which is the following that comes in the video, help yourself with the template, which you have right here below:

The procedure to follow here is the same as we have done so far: The size of the flippers must be the same width as the marbles. Consequently, we lined them with cardboard so that everything is elegant and no cardboard is perceived anywhere. The next thing, will be to stick a washer in the most spaced fragment of the flipper, just as you can see at minute 8:55

Make a slit right in the opening of the washer until you see that the Chinese stick goes in correctly. Right after, stick the stick to the pin, make it very straight. Make sure it is straight. As an extra, you can add an elastic band to mitigate the impact of the marble on the levers, as reflected from minute 9:10

Make sure that the cut of the elastic strip and the glue you use to attach it to the cardboard, is on the back. Starting at minute 10, we see how he introduces two of the three flippers at the bottom. If you see that they do not fit perfectly to the shape of the partition in that specific area, you can file it with the help of a small sander

Placing the video at minute 10:40, you can see in detail what we just told you. The idea we want you to adopt is that the levers have to move up and down dynamically and not with locks . Once all this is done, we grab the piece of cardboard where we attach another 3 washers and make a horizontal and vertical line, starting from each of these washers

Then, at 5mm from the horizontal and 3mm from the vertical, you draw another two lines with the help of the pen. Right in the upper corners of this smaller square, as seen at 11:28, attach a 2cm-long piece of stick . To continue with the procedure that will be able to move the levers, put them in their natural position, that is, fully inclined until they collide with the partitions

You can easily fix it as it looks from minute 11:40 . Right on the side stick, at 12:00 minute, place another washer but with the nuance that you don’t have to stick it on the cardboard. We cut another stick in half, the kind that health professionals use to see if we have a swollen throat, and we place them above the two washers, as you can see at minute 12:10

We stick it, only, on the pinned pole of the flipper together with the washer. You also have to grab another stick from the side and lay it down just like it looks at 12:23 . We remove the washer and you will see that the lever is at the height of the thickness of the ring, which was what we wanted. Okay, now cut out a 1cm piece of Chinese stick and stick it right where it is at 12:44

You glue them right in the two upper corners, as we did previously with the small rectangular strips of wood. This will serve as a guide for the promoter of the flippers. We glue another two small pieces, having the round stick attached, as seen at minute 12:58 , and two other strips of the same size just above to ensure that it will not move from the site

Next, take two small pieces of cardboard and glue them together. Then, we glue them to the side of the washer anchored to the cardboard just at a 60 degree angle. Thus, the flippers will have a preset maximum aperture and no more. Also, stick a piece of Chinese stick right in the excess part of the small lever, as seen at minute 13:28, which protrudes a little, because we are going to introduce an elastic band

With this detail, you will get the lever to return to its natural position, which is to be tilted. To hold the elastic band, we will use a wire hook as we see at minute 13:45 . You hook it on the round piece fixed on the lever and on the hook. Next, you pull a little so that the rubber is somewhat taut and hit the hook right where it places it at minute 13:56

Just at minute 14:00, you will see in an easy, practical and comfortable way, how the button works with which you will spread the necessary force so that the ball goes up. Cool, huh? What you have to do now is keep the lever pressed in and make a mark right on the top that adjoins one of the pieces of cardboard (minute 14:05)

Next, provisionally remove the stick and cut it just 2cm from the mark to the left, that is, outwards, which is where we will use two circular covers so that pressing force on the lever will make it more enjoyable and comfortable for you. Look at yourself from minute 14:15, you will like it a lot, you will see

Right at the ends of the stick, knot a thread, not very thin, that is resistant, and take it to the bottom, doing the same procedure. Make sure the thread is taut and not curved. What is the idea here? That when you press the right key, the top flipper also moves and not just the bottom one. Do the same procedure at the other end. As you can see at minute 15:25, it does it just as we just told you

To give movement to the third flipper, put it in its natural position. Next, with the third sign made on the cardboard below, put the same lever that you put on the levers at the bottom and at the same height, with the help of the washer. Placing the video at minute 14:45, stick a piece of wooden stick of about 5cm, making sure that it is completely straight. Stick one exactly the same right on the pinball below

Less is left! Now, the next objective is to hermetically build the piece of cardboard where the mechanism that we have just made overflows, just as we did with the part of the cardboard where the template overflows. We cut 4 cardboard strips 4cm high and with the same width as the board . To one of them, we make a hole at the top, right in the center, and 2cm high and 5cm wide

You will paste all of them just as you can see at minute 16:02 . We will make a hole in the part of the adjoining cardboard with the buttons and you will paste it just as it is at minute 16:25 . Also cut two strips of cardboard 2cm wide and 18cm long . You will paste them just as seen in minute 16:36 . We do this in order that the marbles always go to the hole through which free passage leaves to the outside

From minute 17:00 , you will see that he begins to wind the wire with the help of a stick. It makes you look like a kind of dock. Then, with the help of pliers or pliers, cut two springs, leaving something like what is seen at minute 17:16 . Then, these rings can be inserted into the stick and pressing it with the pliers, you can fix them. If you see that it does not fix, stick it with silicone adhesive

Insert each of the rings into the buttons, as can be seen from minute 17:32 . The idea here is to ensure that the stick is fixed and cannot be removed from the mechanism at any time, ensuring a very sober and stable lever system. Voucher. Now stand at minute 18:00 . The objective here is to anchor the cardboard that we used at the beginning of the whole on the 3 corresponding wooden sticks

It has you look similar to how it looks at minute 18:16 . Next, glue this cardboard to the board and cut the excess piece of stick almost flush with the washers. Right after doing this, measure the white line that is just on the bottom right side of the template, that thin, long white line, and take the length to make another lined cardboard strip that is the same width as the marbles.

Glue this cardboard strip just as you can see at minute 18:48 . Do not forget to cover the entire structure. You have to have something like what is seen at minute 19:00 . Now, we are going with the marble booster, which will take us fully into facing a game in our homemade pinball device. Grabbing the sharp object again, we make an opening, just where it is located at 19:20, with the exact thickness of the round wooden stick

Then, we make an arch of wire slightly wider than the washers and glue it just as it is at minute 19:35 . Just at this minute you will see, in the lower part where we will press the balls forcefully, two small indentations. It will be here where we lighten our arc-shaped wire together with the metal ring . You have to make these slits at a distance, starting from the bottom where we made the hole, of about 2cm.

We introduce the stick, making sure that it enters through the metal ring that we have just anchored together with the wire perfectly, and is aligned with the red line on the template. We remove the stick little by little, so as not to move the position of the ring, and we stick it on the base of the cardboard with strong adhesive

And, of course, take another 2 pieces of cardboard that follow the slope of the delayed heights of both pieces that we glued on the upper and left edge respectively, and place it just as it is at minute 20:30 . Well, you will have already managed to give that slope shape to your homemade pinball machine as long as the ball goes, propelled by the force of gravity, downwards.

Flip the board over and grab a piece of cardboard 10cm high and the exact width of the board, and glue it right to the bottom edge, as you can see at minute 20:18 . Take another fragment but this time a little higher, about 16.5cm, and glue it right on the top edge. You can already imagine what we are going to do, right?

PD: Do not forget to add a ring in the pass where we will press force to our push button so as not to damage the cardboard and on the sides where we press force to move the lever. The buttons on the sides and on the bottom edge can be upholstered with cork wine stoppers cut in half, as you can see from minute 21:08

On the outer edge of the button, make a small horizontal slit to insert elastic bands and create the force mechanism with which you will propel the marble on the lower right side, just as seen at minute 21:33 . Next, make a small wire in a semi-square shape, with the same height as the cork and 1cm wider (minute 21:45)

Next, fold the legs starting from the middle inwards, leaving something like what you can see at minute 21:52 , and nail them right into the holes bordering the levers on the sides. From the minute we have told you, you can see in detail what we have just told you. You have to have something like what is seen at minute 22:00

With this, we will make a fixed hooking of a part of the band and this, accompanied by the narrow horizontal opening manufactured in the cork, we will be able to press the desired force. You will make like a kind of slingshot, to give you an idea. The next thing you will have to do is cut the handle stick 6cm from the cork

Insert it into the hole in the driving zone of the ball and cut the curved piece of a tongue depressor about 2cm high and glue it to the upper edge of the shooter, as you can see at minute 22:25 . Important nuance: the wire has to be anchored just parallel to the handle, not on one of the sides

As extra garnishes that will give a more refined touch to your homemade pinball device, you can stick species of soft elements that cushion the impact a bit, like a bicycle suspension, so that you understand us. From minute 22:56 you can see this process in detail . You can also do another as indicated at minute 23:11

As we want to give some versatility to our pinball machine and there are several balls in play, you will do the process that is explained from minute 23:55 . The fact of doing this, of putting the shock absorbers, will make you feel that you are in front of a real pinball machine

Now, cut two pieces of cardboard 1.3cm wide by 2.6cm long and make a line in the middle adjoining both ends, as seen at minute 24:20 . Divide in half with the help of a pen (half the entire length of the strip) and draw the lines one or two millimeters from the edge (the smallest). Proceed to cut them with a blade and then fold it, following the line right in the middle, as you do from minute 24:45

After making the slits, insert a fine wire and squeeze it inward to leave a loose space in the two pre-drilled holes. From minute 25:10 you can see this process in detail. Then paste it right where it is at minute 25:35

We almost have it done … Phew !! What a thrill 😱! To conclude with these details of leaving our family pinball machine well refined, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard 3cm wide by 6cm long, and another 2cm wide by 12cm long, joining them and leaving them as a kind of box or sofa, as seen from minute 25:55

You will stick this dressing right where the marbles will come out and, only, you will only need to add the marker to know who is the winner of the game, if you dare to play several with the work of art you are making. To do this, you will use the template, which you have right here:

To create the structure of the bookmark, grab two cardboard strips 14cm wide on the largest edge and 9cm on the smallest. The length has to be 43cm in total . At minute 26:32 you can see what we are telling you about. You have to have something like what is seen at minute 26:33. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same

It is just an idea so that you have a base where you can score the points of each player. To finish, glue transparent plastic strips on top of each of the 4 blank squares, as you can see from minute 27:05 . This in order to erase the scores for future games , as seen from minute 27:20

Glue the marker more or less to the middle of the largest edge of the table of the homemade pinball machine, as you can see from minute 27:35

Now, you have to… No, I’m kidding! We can only say one thing: ouh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, we are done !!! At first this craft looked like a difficult mountain to climb, but with patience and work, we can reach the top of the mountain. Show us that you have been by sending us a photo of how your homemade pinball machine was to our email

We can only say that you did indeed achieve it, congratulations: you are one of that small group of people who achieve what they set out to do. Well, building a pinball machine does not require being someone from beyond or a member of NASA, but more than one surely decided to spend little money instead of making one with their own hands, as you did. Smell your eggs, sorry! Hahahahaha 😜. Hey, in case you want to know where we are: Murcia

What models of pinball machines are currently for sale?

Depending on the patterns that it has printed, referring to an animated series, a famous person or a well-known movie, the size of the pinball machine table, the number of fins it has, the number of balls that can intervene in the game. Once in the game, depending on whether they are modern or old pinball machines by the type of material they are made of, the target audience they are aimed at and the manufacturer, we can classify the different types of pinball machines that are for sale in the online market. We are going to comment on each one of them:

Types of patterns on the pinball machine

Looking askance at the scoring tower, inside the pinball machine or on the side, you will notice something: that it has sketches. We discovered America, haha. And they are not just any sketches, they are drawings of animated series, animated films, music groups, well-known films, celebrities and sports, among others.

Pinball machines with patterns from animated series

These are some of the cartoons most present in a pinball artifact:

Scooby Doo pinball machines

¿Who has not ever see the pranks of the German Shepherd best known television ? (With permission from Rex). Or when the Scooby Doo Papa song by DJ Kass became fashionable. The point is that his memory is indelible and until recently his patterns appear on pinball machines. Fins in a color similar to that of the puppy, all the characters that accompany Scooby present on the board

With a gigantic pose of the dog in the scoring tower, we can not tell you anything else that by obtaining the Scooby Doo pinball machine you are going to give that specific area of ​​your home or that specific area of ​​your home an animal aroma that is impossible to eliminate , to unless you use ”Mr. Clean” haha ​​😜

Ninja Turtles pinball machines

The turtles, who would have imagined that pinball machines were covered with such beings. We say it because in real life they are as they are, thank goodness we do not depend on them to go from one place to another but more than one, today, I would not be here. But the “Ninja” Turtles, with that quotation mark, are not just anybody. Those yes that would not make life easier on more than one occasion if they could come to our houses, right?

Series present since the 80s, in old pinball machines used in advance we already find the prints of the Ninja Turtles. Those swords, how they move them from one place to another, how we hope you move each of the fins when several balls come towards you and have the same reaction capacity or more than the most famous turtles on television

Pinball machines with movie prints

These are some of the pinball machines printed with reputed films:

Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machines

Raise your hand, please, who has not ever heard the soundtrack of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean saga. And it is that its sound, even ourselves, has encouraged, motivated and incited us to do certain things in life, much harder than playing with our pinball machine. Have you done this before? We invite you to do it, even when you are playing a game. You will concentrate more and it is possible that you will do better in your pinball game, you will see 😉

With the disturbing and penetrating gaze of Jhonny Deep, this is how he will be looking at you from the scoring tower, a look that we hope you will not get lost. All eyes are going to be on you. By getting a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine, you will adopt the necessary spirit to reach the highest score and, why not, break records

Terminator pinball machines

Can’t be! We also have printed the cover of one of the strongest people in this world, Arnold Schwarzenegger . If we write it right, right? It’s hard to imagine a guy, even a woman, who doesn’t know this legendary character from the sci-fi cinematic saga, although his sci-fi arms and body have nothing. God forbid he comes to our place, where we have the pinball machine, because a burst of one of his hands in the device, you know what it ends up in …

Fear is what we are going to feel when looking at us from the scoring tower, fear in quotes, because it is a surreal look. By obtaining a Terminator pinball machine, you will be able to tell others that famous phrase but a little changed in the text: “It’s time to try to beat my score, colleagues” , instead of saying his most famous phrase: “Saiyonara , Baby”

Pinball machines with patterns of musical groups

These are some of the pinball machines with imprints of famous musical bands.

The Beatles pinball machines

What times were those when we could go to one of the concerts of this legendary group , which has crossed borders and whose influence has become present in all kinds of areas of our lives, including now the electronic pinball device as well. There is a famous song by them called “Help!” Well, we don’t want it to ever cross your mind to stick to that song when you’re in trouble…

We want you to adopt the spirit that the same group adopted to get where they came, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music. How? Practicing for hours with the Beatles prints on your pinball machine. You can see their story on YouTube and how their lives were, to serve as motivation, or simply make your game more entertaining by listening while you play some of the most famous songs of the group

Pinball machines from The Rolling Stones

Thank goodness to this group we are still lucky enough to enjoy them. As you have spent it when you have gone to one of their concerts , like the one they held in Los Angeles in 2020. “Pipa” you have spent it, as we usually say. Well, now imagine that during your game at the pinball machine, in the background you listen to the group’s songs, accompanied by the print of The Rolling Stones throughout the entire contraption, with them jumping, with electric guitars, the stage…

It sounds unsettling, but more unsettling will be when you listen to the song from “Satisfaction” while playing the game. That is what you have to feel about yourself when it comes to playing games and whatever else in life you do because, only then will you be able to change the course of your life and that of your history with the pinball machine for the better

Pinball machines with celebrity prints

Check out what popular characters we are lucky to have in a pinball gadget:

Kobe Bryant pinball machines

That fateful January 26, 2020, doing what he did every day, because it was one of his passions and God took him. We can only thank him for all the moments that he made us live on and off the pitch, and for being an example of being human. His mark will be legendary in the world of basketball and sports in general. His honor has reached the pinball machines. At last you will be able to fulfill that dream of enjoying your pinball game with one of your idols and achieving those high score …

Like that wonderful record that he has of being neither nothing nor nothing less than the fourth highest scorer in NBA history with 33643 points, ahead of legends like Michael Jordan or O’Neal. Play in honor of him, if you are not lucky enough to see him live playing on a basketball court and when you win, we want you to cross yourself and look at the sky saying: This victory goes for you, Kobe!

Elvis Presley pinball machines

Who has not heard his famous songs like “Viva las Vegas”. Well look, we propose something , now that we mention this song: First of all you will have to win , otherwise doing this does not make sense. The second thing is that you have to have Elvis’s pinball machine at ground level . The third thing is that you pronounce a phrase like this : Pinball machine (synonymous with being a crack in something that you practice in countries like Spain) …! when you win the game on your Elvis pinball artifact

It’s like that phrase from one of his most famous songs and the singing style that he exercises can be traced. We encourage you to do it, in honor of the legendary singer, others that we would like to have with us present, like Kobe or Michael Jackson , all of them from the United States. What would life have been like without the USA, right? And we tell you because we are not from there and we recognize it with an open voice

Pinball machines with sports prints

One of those things that is like our right eye. Without it, we are not the same. These are some of the pinball machines with sketches of famous sports:

Soccer pinball machines

It is not the king of sports in the United States, if you visit us from there, but we are aware that in many countries it is not only a sport, it is a religion, a way of understanding life, like basketball on American soil. By getting your soccer pinball machine you will have the printed covers of some of your idols such as Cristiano , Messi , Maradona , Zidane , Pele , Cruyff … legendary footballers who have scored and a later in the teams that passed

Well you know what? We want you to mark a before and after when you achieve the high score at the level of international pinball machine tournaments. We are not saying that you have to reach the same score, as it may be an unthinkable stretch to overcome for you. When you do, we want you to deign to watch a game of the football team of your heart, we do not care where you live, whoever wants can!

WWE pinball machines

Men like the Mystery King , John Cena , The Undertaker or Dwayne Johnson or ladies like Alexa Bliss or Sasha Banks , are some of the best known subjects and subjects of another of those sports king of American territory. As we remember that we began to see it thanks to grandfather. All those afternoons, when he was thrown in the place where we live, he would put on those mythical battles that sometimes it was hard for us to believe it was for real. The blows were hard, very hard, and those guys got up like nothing

And those of now are also, healthy envy that we have, and more than one or one who reads this too. Ok dear or dear. Award yourself a WWE pinball device only if you are going to have the strong character and firmness of iron that these beings have because otherwise you have nothing to do, even being only printed on the machine. I’m not kidding, hahaha: You are going to have the only chance in your life to defeat such guys. If they put it in front of us, we run, right? 🤭

Table sizes on the pinball machine

Mini pinball machines

The ideal pinball machine prototype for the children of the house, those who every day give us a reason to smile. It should be said that in these models the board itself, as its name suggests, is small. This does not allow us to have a game that stands out for its entertainment , but enough to have fun with the little ones and spend a unique and memorable moment

Small pinball machines do not allow us to play with many balls at the same time , a maximum of 2 in play, they also have prints of prints such as movies, recognized brands, famous cartoons, such as Dragon Ball Z, from some entertainment game like the famous Hot Wheels, etc. It has only 1 or 2 tunnels, few for crashes and few shortcuts. They can work with electricity or battery mode

Supreme pinball machines

Also known as the “definitive pinball machines”, those that every unconditional fan user of this game so present in our lives would like to have. Well, you will have, because we put everything in the palm of your hand. These models, of course, are large machines, with 4 legs that can reach half a meter, a large scoring tower, the most sophisticated design on the outside.

And also inside, where you enjoyed, enjoy or will enjoy entertainment in its purest form: Numerous ramps, para-balls that boost the speed of the ball, numerous shortcuts, up to 8 balls in play, tunnels difficult to access to get more than punctuation. These models are the prodigy of the pinball world, the one that really represents us. Obviously they have the best finishes on the market , much more than their little brother mini-pinball device

Number of flippers on the pinball machine

Pinball machines with 2 flippers

It is the number of fins most present in small and archaic models of pinball machines, the oldest on the current market. Its inclusion allows us the simplest development of a pinball game. By having fewer ramps and more facilities to reach the special shortcuts, we need less of them. That is why these models obviate having more than 2 levers so that the gaming experience is enjoyable

The electronic pinball machines with 2 fins have the simplest finishes and the least durable materials on the market , in addition to the fact that in many of these models replacement fins are not included , which is the case with machines with less time on the market. . With 2 or 3 balls in play we do not need more than two fins

Pinball machines with 3 flippers

Things are starting to get somewhat serious when we talk about an electronic pinball machines that are capable of including three fins. We began to find these in high-end and premium models. The experience and difficulty of the game goes to another level. Many of the extra scoring costs and shortcuts need that third fin to hit at the right time and have access to them. This third key of the pinball machine can be present in other ranges , to differ it from the rest

For this reason, its finishes are somewhat more polished, cared for and made to measure, even varying in size, being smaller, to make it difficult to access these special routes . These models usually have more than 4 balls in play . This explains why it is made up of more fins. If we only had two, the course of the game would not develop satisfactorily

Pinball machines with 4 flippers

The hardest gaming experience on a pinball machine, the number of fins worthy to be manipulated by expert pinball players. When we talk about hard, we talk about up to 8 balls in play and the greatest variety on the board that you can find: what if shortcuts, what if stop-balls, what if areas where the ball goes and shoots to the fins faster, having more facilities that some of us slip and lose

In short, the most difficult level and only found in genuine pinball games, the best in the world, which you can only enjoy in the most exclusive gaming halls. These 2 extra fins, in addition to the ones below, can differ in size and be of the same range as the fins below to try to bundle the player

Number of balls in the pinball machine

Pinball machines with 6 balls

Present in the cheapest pinball machines on the market , within its price range, which does not go down from 1000 USD. These models usually have three fins added , 2 at the bottom and one on the left or right side, in the middle of the dash and small in size. The size of the balls may differ as we increase the number of balls in play.

This in order that the chances of losing are greater. As there are several balls in play and being in tight spaces, many of them can collide with each other. To make this less likely, the size is slightly reduced

Pinball machines with 7 balls

This number of balls, along with the one discussed below, is present in the most exclusive pinball machines on the market , those that go from 5000 USD onwards. Most of the models that have this number of balls have 2 fins on the bottom and two on top, being the same size, or one of one size and the other of another size.

As there are more balls in play, the size is reduced a bit . They can be present in a single extra ball tunnel or in two tunnels having in each of the 3 balls and that special tunnel, more difficult to give, that puts all the balls in the game and brings the most top experience that can be had

8 ball pinball machines

The best pinball machines in the world have the ability to put 8 balls into play, those that some of their price ranges start above 8,000 USD. They also continue to have 4 fins, all in the same range, and vary in their sizes, being normally smaller than other models that only put 2 or 3 balls into play.

These models have the smallest sphericals in the segment . They can be present in two extra tunnels with four balls each, or 3 in each of them, and the remaining 2 balls to complete the figure of 8 , in another tunnel with difficult access that can only be achieved by playing with many spherical balls at the same time

Type of materials used in the construction of the pinball machine

Antique pinball machines

In this section of pinball machines they cover more classic designs , worn and less showy to the eye, with rustic, wooden and plastic finishes. They are the models that have fewer fins, 2, and those with fewer balls have play, 2, also being of the same material and not metallic, so their rolling on the track is not so fluid and the experience as a game is not the same. more satisfactory

Many of the electronic pinball machines of yesteryear are redesigned, stamped with an exclusive brand on the outside, and totally revamped on the inside , selling at high prices without ever appearing to be made of a totally different material. They are also the most affordable in terms of cost on the market . Many of them are raffled off and collectors crave to have one of them in their home window. These models, in their original condition, are 100% static

Modern pinball machines

The most contemporary segment of pinball equipment, the most current, the ones we see the most in pubs, restaurants and game rooms . Those that have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 balls in play, with 4 fins, with several pairs of ramps, shortcuts, labyrinths, speed spreaders, with the best aspects on the outside and also on the inside , dressed by figures of the sketched theme

Many of these pinball machines can be semi-used or used many times and, after verifying that they are in perfect condition, be sold on the market at very high values . Elements such as metal, steel or graphite are used for its manufacture in the larger body and also in the scoring tower. On the legs that support it, stainless steel. Some modern pinball machines can be mobile, making 0 noise when changing places, or static, making it more noisy and less versatile when changing places

Target audience of the pinball machine

Kids pinball machines

Only the mini-pinball device is intended for this spectrum of people, models that work with a battery of batteries, which have controls to operate the fins in plastic or aluminum finishes, with plastic windows that separate the small board from the interior, 2 pinball balls, 2 fins and a pair of ball stops, with ramps, in finishes such as Doraemon, Shin-Chan, Pocoyo and with a small table size, grippable in one hand and with 4 rubber bands in all its verticals to support it on a worktop

Many of these models of pinball machines for children are sold at very affordable prices, accessible to a large public , and to get boys and girls into pinball games is the one that if or if they have to have, for benefits, the minimum that we can expect, lower level of difficulty of the game and especially so that he can play by himself

Pinball machines for adults

With him we just continue, as we ended up above. And it is that with these machines if you can play with the children, as long as you have them sitting in a chair of a moderate height. These prototypes are sold at very expensive prices since they have the hand of the best manufacturers, sketches and construction of the market . These machines, also known as teenage pinball machines, have more than 3 balls in play, more than two fins, several slopes of different sizes.

Different cavities through which the ball can slide, more premium finishes , longer lasting and more shortcuts . They are the ones used in national or international championships and due to their size they cannot be fixed on the table or moved with one hand . Something that we did not say is that, depending on the model, you can be more vertical pinball machines on your board or less vertical, to make the gaming experience even more difficult.

Pinball Machine Manufacturers Brands

Pinball machines from the manufacturer SEGA

One of the brands that covers the most games, not only pinball machines, of any kind . Models narrower in dimensions of the pinball machine table have the influence of SEGA, but we do not lose in design, having colorful, more disruptive and sober finishes , so the cost of SEGA pinball devices are the most large on the market if we compare them with other less renowned brands

Not all of them, but some of us can see warranty options, such as the manufacturers that you will now see below. The pinball spectrum of this brand is designed for the youngest public and the cartoons present in their prints include as many new as they are from yesteryear.

Pinball machines from the manufacturer Wally

One of the most classic brands that we find in used, totally new or refurbished and stylized pinball devices. They comprise an audience from 14 years of age. Their models have 2 to 4 fins, 2 to 8 balls and one of the most mixed plays that can be played. You just have to go take a look and see the number of models of Wally pinball machines that are sold at different prices, some at large amounts and others less.

His pinball machines are found with cartoons on the upholstery of the machine and figures inside of illustrious characters from cinematography such as India Jones , the Lord of the Rings , Harry Potter or cartoons of Family Guy , Shrek , Park Jurassic , Spiderman , Batman … You don’t finish it!

Pinball machines from the manufacturer Stern

The first to give birth to pinball machines with drawings so coveted in the US and known around the world as The Simpsons . Their catalog of pinball machines includes the most stylish designs , whatever the target audience, above-average durability, the ability to go to their game room and enjoy their own pinball devices and even , acquire brand accessories unrelated to their machines

Its game modes are the most mixed on the market: they have numerous slopes of different shapes , more remote tunnels on the pinball machine board, higher speed of the ball , more difficult access shortcuts and somewhat smaller spherical . In short, more difficult experience in terms of game difficulty. Their models also have 2 to 4 fins of different ranges and finishes, 2 or 3 extra ball cavities to have up to 8 in play, a show!

Why buy pinball machines of all kinds in our online store?  has committed to looking at the certain online sites that have a pinball machine for sale: Amazon, eBay and are the three most recommended options and with the best customer benefits to acquire the pinball machine model you are looking for. Amazon is the option that we are considering to buy a pinball machine or a mini-pinball machine suitable for young people, 9 years and under and that meets the minimum requirements

On the other hand, eBay is the number one option to buy a large pinball machine, which meets all the requirements expected by an advanced pinball user, with the best finishes both in the construction elements used and the type of upholstery used in the outermost layers, where we can see pinball machines in prints of Kiss , Zeppelin , Family Addams , AC DC , Avengers , Rocky , Ghostbusters , Corvette , Sonic… You cannot imagine the amount of prints you have at your fingertips!

Many of the large models of pinball machines that are sold in this last named store can also be obtained from , which includes a wide catalog of new, used and old pinball machines restored and rebuilt, being completely like new. . Let’s stop for a bit that we have to talk about us, about

All of this previously said is very good, but what if we tell you that you will be able to do all of that in its entirety here? Looking around the store and finding that pinball machine with the exact stamp you want after a few minutes is over. Here it will take a matter of seconds because we cover the list of pinball machines of all prints in the world, of all kinds , we cover the list of top-selling pinball machines , the list of lower-end and cheapest pinball machines , and the list of pinball machines with the most premium and expensive range on the market

Ah! Let’s not forget… The list of the top used pinball machines on the market is also here. With this you get a permanent stock , availability on the spot , particular shipping methods that you will now discover what they are, access to promotions and temporary discounts on special dates , good buyer policy, the best customer service, returns policy between 1 and two months , the best possible means of payment so that your large purchase is risk-free from the second 1 and a renewed guarantee always subject to change

Four important things we had to tell you if you are going to get your pinball machine on eBay: Many of the sellers offer no alternative to returning the pinball machine once received . This does not have to be bad, but rather the opposite: the seller makes a thorough inspection to verify that the pinball machine is in perfect condition to be awarded by any client

The second is that while the shipping policy is better than the alternative, there are certain countries that do not ship such as Turkey , Cuba or Iran . They are examples, this may vary. For more information, you need to be on the eBay page that offers to buy the prototype pinball machine you want and look at the product characteristics or ask the seller directly

The third is the issue of customs fees, those extra amounts that are charged when importing a product from foreign countries . You sound familiar? This may vary from country to country. What we guarantee 100% is that you will have to assume and pay this customs tax because the prices of the pinball machine, as you well know, are not affordable and from a certain figure (150, 200 or 300 USD) , you have to assume that extra money in our purchase . The more expensive it is, the more extra money will have to be assumed

And the fourth and final one is that some vendors only offer the local pinball machine pickup alternative after the transaction is completed . This means that if you visit us from another country other than the US, you will have to look for alternatives to receive your pinball machine without any kind of mishap. Don’t worry, those solutions are provided by us. Contact us!

We could have saved you this speech, but transparency above all and that you know what you are up against, because more than money we are interested in you. We do not want and you are not going to have any kind of problem when it comes to getting your desired pinball machine thanks to all that has been said. By the way, if you opt for the option, you may know that it only ships to the US and Canada, not to the rest of the countries of the world.

The means of payment to pay for your pinball machine are very diverse: it covers the simplest with the use of credit or debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal or Revolut , among the most outstanding, to the most contemporary methods and adapted to those customers fairer in terms of budget with the possibility of crediting your pinball machine from 6 months to 36 months, that is, paying it in installments , such as the monthly payment of a department or the telephone line of our smartphone

All possible options so that you have no excuses when buying your pinball device are only available here. Now it is your turn or yours, dear customer: Stop dreaming and buy the pinball machine that best suits your current budget before the stock runs out!

What are the current prices of pinball machines?

There are a number of ways to estimate the approximate cost of a particular model of pinball machine. We are going to give you a particular way, a concrete way that is easy to understand, so that you know in advance if that pinball machine that interests you is expensive or, on the contrary, is cheap:

That it gathers patterns , of whatever kind they are, is a clear indication that you are in front of a pinball machine at a cost . If you add to that that it has the ability to play with extra balls, more than two flippers, which are not old or totally new or remastered, and are large in size , clearly you are in front of onerous ranges of pinball machines, sold in quantities that They range from $ 3,000 for the cheapest , to $ 10,000 or more for the most valuable

If they have a maximum of two flippers, they are old, with easily accessible materials such as wood or plastic, their size is small, they do not have the capacity to play with extra balls and they are large but with the tick of “used” , clearly you are in front of recessed ranges pinball machines, sold in amounts that start from USD 500-600 up to 1500-2000 dollars

PS: The more money you pay for your pinball machine, the more advantages you are assured such as a longer duration , a higher level of gaming experience and a more comfortable purchase guarantee , which in some of the prototypes can cover up to 36 months or more. Of course, the more months, the more interest you will have to pay and, therefore, the more “expensive” you will get . The lower ranges do not offer this alternative as we will tell you below⬇︎

Why buy used or second-hand pinball machines in our online store?

Because of the affordable prices at which they are sold , because it offers us enough experience to enjoy the pinball machine as a little boy or girl, because it also has prints included and because even in some of the models we can enjoy top details found. only on the tallest and most burdensome pinball machine archetypes on the market and eBay offers you a great catalog of used pinball machines, from the cheapest to the most expensive, accessible to all types of customers, accessible to all only here, in our online store of pinball machines not only new, but also secondhand. For those users who are going to give it a specific use, these models are the most suitable . Some of the second-hand pinball artifacts can be purchased in installments, paying less money per month

Very important to this that we are going to tell you: getting a second-hand or new pinball machine, you will be able to design it to your liking, that is, to have new or second-hand pinball machines personalized with some stamping. of your face or anything that represents something special in your life , an option very to shuffle if you want to take your experience with the pinball machine to the next level

What are the prices of used or second hand pinball machines?

The guide that we are going to use here is the same one that we used at the beginning, with the particularity that we can use second-hand pinball machines at somewhat cheaper costs if we compare them directly with the new and recently released models . And the extra price of sealing the pinball machine with a custom design for you, whether second-hand or new.

For cheaper second-hand pinball machine models, their prices range from $ 500 to $ 1000-1500 , amounts that can vary depending on each seller. If you collect a maximum of 2 or 3 balls, two flippers, regardless of size and with patterns, the amounts will approximate around what has been said . Otherwise if it brings together a greater number of the named compartments:

Many models of used pinball machines are sold at brand new prices, but if it includes many flippers, the possibility of putting many balls into play or the latest stamp designs. The brand name used implies that they are devices that were given a certain use but are in perfect condition, practically like new . For the most expensive second-hand pinball machine models we have values ​​that are around a maximum of 2000 dollars, if they are basic designs, up to 8000 dollars or more if they are upholstered like the models of unused pinball machines

One of the advantages is that if we find that prototype used pinball machine on eBay, we will have a unique opportunity to negotiate the cost of the second-hand pinball machine, something that you will not be able to do with new and unused ones. One of lime and another of sand

As for the extra prices of sealing them with their own and personalized countenance , to tell you that both in the unused and used models the cost does not vary hardly. Depending on whether it is a simpler or more sophisticated upholstery, including figures inside, the amounts to be paid will go to more or less

What if you hit one of the arms of your pinball machine with some …

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