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Review of the Judge Dredd pinball machine

When was Judge Dredd’s pinball machine designed?

Fruit of Bally’s work, and a few more characters, which we will tell you about below, was launched on the market in September 1993. The pinball theme is based on the British comics with the same name that this pinball model receives. Its popularity, which was on the rise in the early 90s, allowed the development of it

Before I tell you more curiosities about this prototype, know that the software was implemented by Jeff Jhonson, the artwork by Kevin O’Connor, the animation by Eugene Geer and Scott Slomiany, the music by Paul Heitsch and Vince PontarellI. Finally, the voice is represented by Tim Kitzrow. As of the date you read us, a total of almost 7,000 units have been sold

The average value of this pinball on the market is between 3,000 and 3,500 dollars. Among other things to note, its cabinet was wide in size, it did not have pop-up class bumpers, it had an assistant mode called “Ultimate Challenge” and an extra function called “Super Game”

The most used marketing slogans in this pinball were these two: “Judge Dredd: pinball with attitude!” and “Your driving days are over, thug!”. As a curious fact, this pinball machine model was launched to be played in digital mode for the Windows operating system in 1998

The Features Judge Dreed’s pinball machine:

– 4 flippers

– No pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 2 autoplungers

– 4 ramps

– 3 inline captive balls

– Multi-balls up to 6

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Best Offer Judge Dredd pinball machine at

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