Black Hole Pinball Machine Gottlieb

This is what the Black Hole pinball machine looks like!

What is the history of the Black Hole pinball machine?

It is known to have been released in October 1981 in two different versions: without voice and without 3D rear glasses. The two versions reached a total of 8774 units sold, being one of the most successful pinball games in the history of the manufacturer Gottlieb. Behind the game design is Adolf Seitz and John Buras, and behind the artwork is Terry Doerzaph

Its estimated value was between 2,000 and 2,300 dollars. In addition, it stood out for having two playing fields: a conventional ramp at the top, and another completely flat at the bottom. It was the first model to mount two fields, with the possibility of seeing it in a small window of the upper field

Did you know that it was one of the highest grossing pinball games in history? All this was explained by the cost of playing a game commercially: 50 cents on the dollar. There are those who reject this statement, because they think that other models of pinball machines such as the Dark Knight and the Game Power could already be played for that modest amount

For those of you wondering if it has anything to do with the 1979 movie, it doesn’t have the connection. It’s just pure coincidence. The theme of this pinball is inspired by outer space. It featured an animated blackglass and emitted its own voice

The most used marketing slogans in this pinball were: “The re-entry attempt FAILED”, “Do you dare to enter the Black Hole?”, “No one escapes the Black Hole!”, “Captured”, and “Re-entry success”

The Features of the Black Hole’s pinball machine:

– 6 flippers

– 6 pop type bumpers

– 3 slingshots

– 1 drop target from 5 banks

– 1 horsehoe lane

– 2 drop targets from 4 banks

– 2 kick-out holes

– 1 drop target from 3 banks

– 1 rollunder

– 1 cellar hole

– 1 kick target

– 1 spinning target

– Multi-balls up to a total of 3

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