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What does Popeye’s pinball machine look like!

When was Popeye’s pinball machine invented?

A February 1994. It was there when this pinball machine came to light, from the manufacturer Bally. Its design is responsible for Barry Ousler, Python Anghelo; Mike Boon software; the work of art John Youssi, Pat Mcmahon and Python Anghelo; the sound Paul Heitsch and the voice Tim Kitzrow. More than 4000 units have been released to date

This pinball machine stood out for being able to play several players at the same time and have several compartments in its playing field. Let’s go by parts: The first thing, that the theme of this pinball was pure caricature. The voice of Popeye that was broadcast in pinball, the dubbing was the work of Tim Kitzrow, which we have already seen in other sections as he has interpreted the voices of other characters

Some of the mottos that stood out the most in this pinball game were: “A first class ticket to winnings”, “I am armed and ready to save the earth!”. Its market value is appraised between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars, the standard. What was “that” thing that allowed the general public to accept this pinball machine? Precisely the possibility of playing with 6 balls, one of the characteristics that we will discuss below

Really, it was difficult to reach the maximum score because, once the player was playing for a medium long time, all the balls were going to be put into play and getting high scores became more complicated. Some balls and others, the higher the number, the more likely they are to collide. It goes without saying, but just so you know

The 6 Peculiarities of the Popeye’s pinball machine

– 4 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– Possibility to play with 2, 3, 4 and 6 balls

– 2 ramps

– Typical Popeye dialogues

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