The Who’s Tommy Wizard Pinball Machine Data East

This is what Tommy’s pinball machine looks like

When was Tommy’s pinball machine released?

On January 8, 1994 it was idealized, and in February it was put up for sale on the market. Data East was the manufacturer that developed this model of pinball machine. Game design by Ed Cebula, Joe Kaminkow, Lonnie D. Ropp, and Lyman F. Sheats Jr.

Software by John Carpenter L.R and L.S (the last two characters mentioned above), Illustration by Kurt Andersen and Markus Rothkranz, Animation by Jack Liddon, and Sound by Brian Schmidt

A total of just over 4,000 units were produced, with an average value between 3,400 and 4,000 dollars. The peculiarities of pinball: presents twenty-one songs by the musical group The Who’s Tommy

There were three different chances to get bonuses, with three different throws. When activating two bonuses, the score is multiplied, and if a third ball is activated, the multi-ball mode is activated

Also, there are twelve different modes during the development of the game, all of them based on various scores and specific voices of the musical group. Unlocking these 12 keys activates Wizard mode, in which players can play with up to 6 balls and spell the word Tommy by tapping the ball on each of the letters

What songs are featured in the Tommy range of pinball machines? These: Overture, Captain Walker, It’s a Boy, Sparks, Christmas, See Me Feel Me, Smash the Mirror, Fiddle About, Cousin Kevin, Sensation, The Acid Queen, Pinball Wizard, Listening To You and Sally Simpson

Advertising slogans for this pinball: “See it, feel it, touch it, play it, buy it!”, “Tommy, a name that means pinball” and “Tommy, can you hear me?”

The 5 Features Tommy’s pinball machine:

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 ramps

– Unlimited input balls by default for each player

– Multi-balls up to 6

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In addition to, you have available Tomy’s catalog of pinball machines from, which have been predicted as the cheapest on the market, as opposed to to the models sold at Elitehome and Pinside, respectively

On the same portal as the pins, it has been seen for sale more than 50 times. We recommend that you go there because you will have a multitude of stores that have their Tommy pinball machine for sale. Be careful, because many of them do not offer a warranty service. Most are second-hand marketing

Yes, on Ebay there is evidence that it is also a used range, but the repertoire of consumer policies it has is much greater: More flexibility when paying, greater shipping customization and better customer service

The price of Tommy’s pinball machine on is $6,999. On Ebay, it is usually around 4000-5000 dollars, although there may be exceptions and values ​​can go above five thousand dollars