Corvette Pinball Machine Bally

Corvette pinball machine manual

Historical data on the Corvette pinball machine model

Corvette pinball machine manufacturing date:

In August 1994

Type of pinball machine the Corvette range:

Solid State in nature

Cabinet size on the Corvette pinball machine:


Corvette pinball machine units sold:

A little more than 5000 models sold

Corvette pinball machine price range:

Between $3,500 and $4,000

Designers of the Corvette pinball machine:

To the concept: George Gómez

To the game design: George Gómez

To the mechanics: Tom Kopera

To the software: Bill Grupp and Tom Uban

To the illustration: Dan Hughes

Animation: Eugene Geer and Scott Slomiany

To the sound: Paul Heitsch

On vocals: Vince Pontarelli

Corvette pinball machine marketing slogan:

  • A pinball worthy of the Corvette name
  • With this dream machine, the fun knows no bounds
    Try it out at your nearest showroom. But be prepared. You don’t take this Corvette for a spin. It Takes You
  • Corvette is a tour de force for pinball and Corvette fans alike
  • There’s a new generation of dream machines on the loose in the streets. Atte: Bally’s Corvette
  • One great American legend deserves another

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Best Offer Corvette pinball machine at

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The Features of the Corvette pinball machine:

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 3 ramps

– Motorized ball shaker

– 1 vertical up-kicker

– 1 kick-out hole

– Multi-balls up to 4

– Dimensions: 56″ high, 29″ wide and 77″ deep

– Weight: 250 pounds

Where can you buy the Corvette pinball machine?

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We inform you that the Corvette pinball machine at TPC, has a current price of 8499 dollars. This amount may be subject to change over time. In Pinside it has been seen for sale more than 50 times, a figure not very encouraging for you to find it in stock, but you have eBay as an alternative, that many sellers usually put it up for sale

PS: In both cases, the values ​​that people offer on average for the Corvette pin model is about 3,500 dollars