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What the Rob Zombie pinball machine looks like, OMG!

Who designed Rob Zombie’s pinball machine?

Recently built, back in March 2016, and patented by Spooky Pinball LCC. Inspired by the Rob Zombie film saga, the game design is the responsibility of Charlie Emery; David Fawcett’s software; Ben Heck’s electronics and David Van’s animation. Its production, despite being launched in modern times, has been very low: only 300 sales

What was the reason for this? Mainly because it was an exclusive model released by Rob Zombie. The example that contrasts this is a product that many people quote, but that is only available in different units. This generates a stir, the desire to have it in hand. And when you see the price (below), your jaw will drop

Before its foundation, in 2015 and in the US city of Colorado, it was announced for the first time at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown event. All the attendees, and some extra buyers, had a reservation for the limited edition of this type of pinball machine. How did it get to you? Through an email

In it, they received all the steps to purchase this pinball machine. In this event, a total of 50 Rom Zombie pinball machines were sold. These people received a different pinball. Where? On her rear mole. To understand this, read the following:

There have been two models of Rob Zombie’s pinball machine: on the one hand, “The Standard Edition” and, on the other hand, “The Limited Edition”. People who attended the event received this latest edition, which differed from the standard because of what was said above, but more specifically because of how the glass was formed, cut in the armor and in the visors on the back

It also differed in the rails and in the plate, in charge of inserting the coins to later be able to play. For limited editions, there were only 100

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The 7 Features of Rob Zombie’s pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop style bumpers

– 4 slingshots

– 5 stand-up targets

– 1 drop target

– Possibility to play with 7 balls

– Elevated mini-playfield

Is it possible to buy the Rob Zombie pinball machine today?

We’d be lying to you if we said yes. You’ve seen what happened to this kind of pinball machine: it sold out of the market at lightning speed. Even so, it is possible that someone, as a result of using it a lot or simply buying another new model, with better features, can sell it. The main platform that is usually used is eBay

Don’t be scared if you see that some seller doesn’t have any type of valueaation. It does not mean that you have to distrust, or that you are going to lose your money. The buyer always has the last word and the seller always loses. Did you hear that last sentence we told you? Sure yes

For the most curious, its value was between 4,500 and 5,500 dollars, and if it is put up for sale, the price does not usually drop below 7,000 dollars. Any news that arises about this model in terms of buying, you will be informed or you will see it in full here!