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Foundation of the Sweet Hearts pinball machine:

Dates from September 1963, whose theme was oriented to cards. The card of Ace, of Spades, the Jack, the Queen or the ten of hearts, is proof of this. These that we have just named you, lit up a special tunnel in this pinball. Before you discover more curiosities about this pinball, read the following:

The concept was the work of Wayne Neyens, as was the game design and mechanics. The artwork was the responsibility of Roy Parker, and the animation was also part of W.N. A total of just over 4,000 units were sold and their estimated value was between $450 and $550

The size of the cabinet was the standard of the time, but the same did not happen with the sign in charge of showing the score to the player: its size was somewhat excessive in vertical height. Somehow, I wanted to emulate the appearance of a card from any deck, which has a vertical horizontal layout

The theme, how could it be otherwise, was that of players who played cards. On the other hand, the maximum score that could be obtained in this range of pinball machines was 1990 points. As a side note, it was the last model to have a Gobble type ejection hole

What did this hole allow to make? It allowed to play from 1 to 3 balls, depending on how many lights were on on the sign. When all the lights were on, it gave off a purple light. If this happened, you could do up to 3 repetitions. If two lights were on, then two lights, and so on

The Features of the Sweet Hearts’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 5 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 2 stand-up targets

– 1 Gobble hole

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