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How the Space Shuttle pinball machine looks!

What history surrounds the Space Shuttle pinball machine?

Its invention occurred in December 1984. Two months later, in February 1985, it was put up for sale on the market. The concept of this pinball was the work of Joe Kaminkow, the design by Barry Ousler, the art by Sprenger, the sound by Eugene Jarvis and Bill Parod and the software by Larry de Mar. The theme of this model is oriented to outer space

To date, a total of 7000 units have been sold. Curious details about this pinball: when certain scores were achieved, it made the sound of a bell instead of a knocker. One of the things that caught my attention was the nomenclature used by the different aircraft present in the game field. These were: A8, W11 and S81

Sprenger, one of the characters involved in this pinball, says that he was the one who printed it, making a kind of homage to the date of birth of his son and the initial letters of his name. With this pinball, in addition, was when the use of the voice began to be introduced during the development of the game, although without much success. It was one of the first models to do so

The most used tagline on this pinball machine was: “The fastest way to really get your winnings off the ground!”

Features of the Space Shuttle pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 2 kick-out holes

– 1 drop target from 3 banks

– 1 lane change

– 1 right outlane detour gate

– 1 timed drop target

– 7 stand-up targets

– 1 spinning target

– Multi-ball from 2 to 3

– 2 ramps

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