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Top Gun pinball machine review!

What news about the Top Gun – Gold Wings pinball machine?

Founded in October 1986 by the manufacturer Gottlieb. Behind its design is John Trudeau and behind the work is Don Marshall and Larry Day

To date, a total of just over 3,200 units have been released and the average value of this pinball is between 1,400 and 1,600 dollars. The theme of this pinball is related to aviation

There is a detail of this model that differentiates it from the rest: when the highest score is reached, marked by 500,000 points, the air siren in the cabinet is activated, emulating what happens on a plane

This model passed unnoticed in the market. Being from a private aviation company, the purpose referred to the rights of appropriation of images became even more important

It is true that the cover was from Gold Wings and the sign was not, but the mixture of both was not possible and that is why it was for sale for such a short time

PS: It was one of the first pinball ranges in history to be inspired by a pure aviation plot

10 Features of the Gold Wings – Top Gun pinball machine:

– 4 flippers

– 4 pop bumpers

– 8 stand-up targets

– 6 rollunders

– 1 ramp

– 1 spinning target

– 1 kick target

– 1 kick-out hole

– 360-degree vertical loop

– Multi-balls up to 2

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Is the Top Gun – Gold Wings pinball machine in stock?

No. We only have elements of it, but not the actual Top Gun pinball machine as such. The explanation for this is due to what we told you above. When we say no, we mean that it has practically been for sale by drops

According to, it bookmarks us a total of 18 times, and has been fighting since 2001, so you better go with the Williams alternative. Did you know that you can a pinball machine with an aviation-inspired plot from said manufacturer?

The stock is much larger, and since we cooperate with Williams, you will be able to find it directly there. If for whatever reason you don’t see it on sale, don’t worry, it’s just that it’s not available at the time you visit us

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