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Best Offer FunHouse pinball machine at

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Historical facts about the FunHouse pinball machine

What year was the FunHouse pinball machine made?

In November 1990

What type is the FunHouse pinball machine?

Solid state

How many FunHouse pinball machine units have been exported?

10751 units have been sold

What size cabinet does the FunHouse pinball machine have?


At what average price have they bid for the FunHouse pinball machine?

Between $4,700 and $5,500

Which characters designed the FunHouse pinball machine?

To the concept: Pat Lawlor

To Game Design: Larry DeMar and Pat Lawlor

To mechanics: John Krutsch

To the software: Larry De Mar

On the job: John Youssi

To the sound: Brian Eddy, Ed Boon and Jon Hey

To music: Chris Granner

On vocals: Ed Boon

What marketing slogan was used to make the FunHouse pinball machine known?

  • Hey Slick, shoot again!
  • The game is watching you

Pinball FunHouse digital version:

Until 2018, it was available in a virtual version on The Pinball Arcade platform

As of the expiration with WMS, the Funhouse pasço digital pin became part of the Pinball Hall of Fame platform, belonging to Williams Electronic Games

Also exists as an arcade game in UltraPin

Do you know Pinball FX 3? It has several virtual pin games, including the Funhouse, which began to form its cast of pinball games as of 2020, with the agreement that Zen Studios had with WMS

Top 11 Characteristics Relevant FunHouse pinball machine:

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 1 ramp

– 4 stand-up targets

– 2 manual plungers

– 1 drop target from 3 banks

– 1 alphanumeric display (was the last one used by Williams on his pin of him)

– 3 cellar holes

– Double ball lane on the right side of the playfield

– Ball diverter to left or right lane

– Multiple-balls up to 2. To activate it, the player must shoot Rudy’s mouth target)

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