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What is known about the Bowling Queen pinball machine?

In July 1964, it was launched for the first time on the market, producing a total of 2650 units. It was the first pinball machine model to use the sports theme with a bowling aroma. Who hasn’t ever been to a bowling alley? We have also been

The artwork was completed by Christian Marché and Roy Parker, while the design was done by Wayne Neyen and Marty Rosenthal. In this pinball machine, you can hit in different quadrants, which allows you to get different points

Bowling pins illuminate from 1 to 10. One illumination of all 10 pins, signifies the knockdown of all 10 pins and what is considered a “blank shot”

Each illumination of these pins means a “Strike” and an extra score of 5000 points. The more illuminated, the more points, obviously. The maximum score that the player could obtain was one of the lowest: only 1999 points

Features of the bowling pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 4 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 3 stand-up targets

– Backbox mechanical animation (extra balls added)

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