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Paragon pinball machine review

What roots surround the Paragon pinball machine?

The date of the project began in December 1978. When we say project, we refer to the first idea in history to build this pinball machine. It was not until June 1979, when it went on sale in the market. Almost ten thousand units have been released among the general public. His cabinet was wide-bodied, but not just any, one of the widest of that time. In other words, one of the heaviest pinball machines

The design of this pinball belongs to Greg Kmiec and the work of art Paul Faris. Its value is appraised between 2,000 and 2,500 dollars. The theme of pinball is inspired by fantasy, imagination, the unreal. Its fuselage, which is nothing more than the body, stood out for being wide. One of the curiosities that surrounds this pinball, was when one of the balls fell through the trapdoors that it had: it played a melody

“What melody?” You may be wondering. It was playing “The Worm”, The Ohio Players. Every time a ball was added to the saucer, the melody sounded, something rarely seen until then. They broke with any type of pattern, that is, the repetition between robot voices and dubbing, and zero musical melodies

In addition to this, it was also the first machine to introduce drop targets online. Until then, it had been used in “hole mode”. One of the things that I also highlight about this model, is that it has an illuminated rail. This provided a more enjoyable experience for the player

Features of the Paragon pinball machine

– 4 flippers

– 4 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 2 stand-up targets

– 4-in-line drop targets

– 1 drop targets from 3 banks

– 3 kick-out holes

– 4 rollovers type star

– 1 spinning target

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