High Speed Pinball Machine Williams

Staging of the High Speed pinball machine!

History of the High Speed pinball machine:

Model manufactured by Williams Electronic Games in January 1986. The main designer of this pinball was Steve Ritchie. Programming was done by Larry de Mar, artwork by Mark Sprenger and Python Anghelo, sound by Eugene Jarvis and Bill Parod, and music by Bill Parod and Steve Ritchie again. A total of more than 17,000 units have been exported and their average value was 2,000-2,300 dollars

What stands out the most in this pinball is the siren that it incorporates at the top of the scoreboard, which refers to the real chapter that Ritchie lived with the police, in which he was persecuted, while he was driving a Porsche 928. The end was not happy, as he was caught in the town of Lodi, California and accused of exceeding 146 miles of speed

How is the gameplay of this pinball? On the main ramp, you can see a traffic light, which at first is green. For it to turn yellow and red, you have to hit the nine traffic light targets. Each one of those 3 objectives is tinted by these 3 colors that we just named

When all 9 targets are lit, once again shoot down the ramp, activating police chase mode. So that the police don’t catch you, the player has two ways: pass the ball down the ramp or press the nine targets again, and then again shoot the ejection hole, to activate the multi-ball mode

When this happens, the player starts to have the advantage of getting more points, than he had in the beginning. This starts at 250,000 points, and the player can go up to 2 million points

Another of the compartments that stand out are the ramps as highways. When passing the ball through here, the player must go back through the ramp in a time frame of no more than 5 seconds, leading to the score going up by 2x up to 5 times

The marketing slogans used in this pinball were: “High Speed ​​beats the rest… and beats all the rest!”, “All else is left behind! “, “Hot action pinball!” and “Go through the traffic light and go away at high speed” and these are the messages that the machine emits: “The light is red”, “Go through the traffic light in red”, “You escaped”.”Escapatte.”, “You win the jackpot”

Curiosity: Did you know that its production was not well received? Williams competitors decided to call it High Cost, due to its high production cost. Williams did not sit well with him, and he decided to seal it with more general materials, which would have a better cost for the public and could be manufactured more in mass. Classic PlayField sold a limited edition High Speed ​​pinball machine in 2014

Features of the High Speed ​​pinball machine

– 3 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 1 ramp

– 1 kick-out hole

– 5 stand-up targets from 3 banks

– Outlane kickback

– 3 spinning targets

– Multi-balls up to 5

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