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Review of the hockey pinball machine!

How was the hockey pinball machine developed?

There is a controversy about the year of manufacture: In it appears in 1972, while in, it appears in 1972. Him because of this? Well, you know, as we have repeated in many of our sections, one thing is the door in motion, the idealization of pinball, and the other is that it goes on sale in the market. To date, these are the total unit quantities you have sold:

More than 2,500, with an estimated value of between 700 and 900 dollars. Steve Korked was the guardian of almost the entire structure of this pinball model, more specifically its concept, design, mechanics and animation. As for the work, the person in charge was Christian Marché. The manufacturer responsible for the creation of this range of pinball machines was Williams Electronic Games

The theme is sport-oriented, to be more exact, hockey. What kind of hockey? Being a model that was mostly sold in the US, it refers to ice hockey. Among the additions in its compartments, the presence of ten rollover buttons stands out to hit the ball from different angles

In the blackglass, it had an animation like a hockey video. The maximum score that could be obtained is 99990 points. As a curious fact, in the US and Canada, a total of 1601 units were exported, while for the rest of the world, a total of 954 units

PS: It is unknown if any kind of slogan has been used in this pinball game

The Features of the Olympic Hockey’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 5 pop type bumpers

– 1 passive bumper

– 2 slingshots

– 2 stand-up targets

– Additional door in the right lane

– From 3 to 5 ball play

Best Offer Hockey pinball machine at

Best Offer Hockey pinball machine at

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Is it really true that I can buy my Hockey pinball machine?

We put up for sale the hockey pinball machine from, one of our collaborators, but this is not really the case:

They are not pinball machines as such, they are alternative models that have a layout similar to that of hockey, but with a more football-like plot

Where we have been able to see “very in quotes” this type of pinball machine for sale is in the Canadian department of eBay, but only signs and ornaments, not the real pinball machine as you expect

The only thing we can tell you about it is that you keep an eye out by visiting our online site or going to eBay or Pinside on a recurring basis, and you will find out when they are available