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Apollo 13 pinball machine review

When was the Apollo 13 pinball machine invented?

It was in October 1995, when Sega decided to make known to the world this pinball machine model upholstered in a well-known movie worldwide. Who has heard, at least once, the word Apollo? Surely more than one of you who read us, have heard it. Those responsible for its creation were the following people:

The design of the game was carried out by Joe Balcer and Joe Kaminkow. The mechanics, in addition to Joe Balcer, were also responsible for John Borg and Rob Hurtado. The software was the work of Lonnie D.Ropp and Orin Day. The artwork Jeff Busch and Mark Raneses and the animation Jack Liddon and Kurt Andersen

Exactly 3,000 units were exported and the estimated value of this pinball was between 3,500 and 4,000 dollars. Among the most outstanding data, it is the pinball machine with the highest number of balls in the world: up to a total of 13, almost nothing!

When playing, you can choose different modes so you don’t have to put all the balls into play. There was the beginner mode and the regular mode. In the beginner mode it is a timed type, where the player has two minutes to get the highest possible score. After that time, the balls are no longer in play

In normal mode, you can play with a total of between 3 and 5 balls. To get to the level of having 13 balls in play, you have to complete the word “Blastoof”. When you get to that level, two elevators launch 5 balls on one side and another 8 on the other

On the right side, the funny thing is that there are fewer ramps, with more chances that you can’t hit them with the flippers. Some of the most popular slogans on this pinball machine were:

“Sega Pinball, the revolution has begun!”, “Launch control, this is Sega Pinball. Apollo 13 is ready for the launching!” or “Reliability. We are ready!”

The Features of the Apollo 13 pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 9 stand-up targets

– 2 kick-out holes

– 1 ramp

– 1 spinning target

– Top post between flippers (prevents ball from draining during extreme multi-ball phase)

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