Dracula Pinball Machine Williams

How that Dracula pinball machine shines, how scary!

When was the Dracula pinball machine invented?

Patented by Williams in 1993, just in April, it was based on the film that came out that same year, in the last week of March. Game design by Barry Ousler and Mark Sprenger, software by Bill Pfutzenreuter, artwork by Mark Sprenger, and sound and music by Paul Heitsch. To date, a total of almost 7,000 units have been sold.

The average value of this pinball machine model on the market reached between 3700 and 4300 dollars. The cabinet was of normal size and the point system was developed as a matrix, the standard. The plot of this pinball was the celebrity and the fictitious. Curiosities about this pinball:

His fins are a little smaller in size than the standard stamped by Williams on his pinball models. Under the playing field, it has a magnet that allows the ball to be transported linearly. With what purpose? To start what is known as “Mist Mode”, the most extreme mode (in difficulty) of the game

The player could put, in total, up to 4 balls in play. Different marketing slogans were used on this range of pinball machines: “This will really kill the pinball pros!” and “I just want to cut off his head and take out his heart”, heartbreaking that last catchphrase

Other curiosities: the game used a red type marker, emulating blood. There was a digital vision, the license for which was purchased by The Pinball Arcade. That license expired on June 30, 2018

These are the Main Features of the Dracula pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop type bumpers

– 2 ramps

– 1 auto-plunger

– 1 magnetic magnet that moves

– 3 multi-ball modes

– Multi-balls up to 4

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Best Offer Dracula pinball machine at

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