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What news about the Nintendo pinball machine?

As a real pinball machine, there is none that Nintendo has put on the market, although we do not rule out its launch in the future. For now, we have the Nintendo Switch virtual pinball machine, a new, practical and comfortable way to play real pinball, but with the only advantage of being transported from one place to another

Its little more than 500 grams of weight, means that you can play with it anywhere in the house, be it standing, sitting or in bed, or play it while you are traveling or waiting for the happy bride to leave. the pool, haha. This prodigy was created by Sakura Retromodding. It works as a VPX, which are the standard digital versions that we see in Windows desktop games

On the sides, there are two black buttons, which are used to push the flippers up and down. On the bottom side, just to the left, you have a trigger. as a joystick, which emulates the typical slingshot of a real pinball machine. The red button is used to start or pause the game

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3 Features of the Nintendo Switch Digital pinball machine

– USB type-C connection to maintain stable latency

– 24mm gaming ON/OFF button

– 30mm flipper buttons

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Right now, you can reserve it. At any other time, you may be one of the lucky ones to be able to buy it. Its price is just over 282 Canadian dollars, about 222 US dollars at the exchange rate. You can order it in two types of panels: the OLED panel or the LCD. With the OLED panel, you will have a greater dynamic range, a higher density of pixels per inch

What does this translate to? In which you can have a better visual gaming experience. For example, if you are playing in the street, the definition of the game will be very sharp, so you will not have to constantly look for a corner where the sun is not to play it. The nintendo switch range of pinball machines with an OLED panel is in less stock than the LCD

The LCD panel does the opposite: a lower density of pixels per inch, and therefore, a lower definition, but with the advantage that you have a greater stock . The best of all? That despite being panels with several generations of difference, they are available for the same value

Sakura RetroModding has made a total of over ten sales. What if you are the next lucky pinballer 😊? If you have any questions about how Etsy works when buying your products, contact us