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We also don’t have the actual Grateful Dead pinball machine available. Dammit!

Analyzing the forum dedicated to the Grateful Dead pinball machine, pinsider “vtrookie” wondered if such a pinball machine model existed. The answer, the one that no pinball fan wants to hear: there is no such range of pinball. The two manufacturers that seem closest to obtaining the license are: Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball

Who will take the cat to the water? By means, money and marketing, Stern has the edge, but for novelty and customer surprise, JJC is there. In the forum dedicated to the machine Grateful Dead pinball, you will also be able to obtain valuable information about the possible production

What does think about it? Let us tell you that we are not fans of rock, but our eagerness to recommend all existing and non-existing models has no limits. With this we want to tell you that from the point of view of the objective track that is not interested in rock, it is a sin that there is no pinball of such a group. Not that AC/DC was the only thing that aroused passions

We also have to tell you that making a general analysis of all the pinball that we deal with in our online store, rock musical groups, and above all, the lesser known internationally, have always been very reluctant to develop their own pinball machine

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Confession: If the Grateful Dead pinball machine goes on sale soon, will be there to tell you all about it!

How lucky you are to have found us! Or maybe not, that we were the ones who gave you the imaginary pinball machine from the Grateful Dead. Jokes aside, as we are in permanent contact with Stern, JJC and all the brands, since we deal with them on our website, any news that arises in this regard, we will update it immediately

To stay in the know, you can visit us or go directly to the dedicated forums on and On our page, if you noticed, you can also go directly to the two dedicated forums for the Grateful Dead range of pinball machines

Objective of the pinballeros/as lovers of the Grateful Dead rock group: we are going to flood Stern, JJC and all the manufacturers with messages, so that they get their act together once and for all and buy the Grateful Dead license. The fight continues, and in the end, we are going to win, of course!