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Alive’s pinball machine marker looks so cute!

How was the Alive pinball machine developed?

Its invention dates back to 1978. Initially, it was patented in clear allusion to Elvis Presley, one of the most important singers of the time, and in tribute to his death in August 1977. Brunswick tried, by all means, to obtain the license of Elvis. Finally, it was not like that. What did they do about it? Use another type of hair, reminding us of Michael Jackson as a young man

From afar, few could tell, to say nothing, that it was Elvis Presley. Even so, some people said that Brunswick was trying to profit from the Elvis brand, something they considered disrespectful and that sullied his history. That is why this model, few people got it. It was only for sale for 2 months and many did not dare to buy it because they did not see any point in it

Likewise, the pinball database confirms it, which refers to the fact that pinball was given a strictly domestic use. Now, was the hairstyle that was used really in reference to Michael Jackson? No. Brunswick was inspired by another legendary singer of the time: Tom Jones

Many saw it as an offense, not only for not having the license, but for mixing two characters, who didn’t see any point in it. A pinball always had to represent something in common, not two things at the same time

The tagline used in this pinball game was: “Satisfy that pinball fever every night of the week!” More curiosities: his cabinet was small in size and the score screen was separated from each other by 6 digits. Its exit hole does not perform that function, but to access the tunnel through another flipper (another flipper), obtaining an extra score

These are the 7 Main Features of the Alive pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 1 standard class bumper

– 2 slingshots

– 3 stand-up targets

– 3 spinning targets

– 1 action ring

– 1 return lane

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Can I buy my Alive pinball machine in this online store as of today?

I think you can answer yourself. And if not, go back up and see what we put you in the header. “Decorated”. Unfortunately, we only have the marker in stock to use it at home as a decoration. Really, finding it in stock has not been possible

We have looked at different stores and nothing at all. If you have read a little about its history, it will be clear to you why the Alive pinball machine is not for sale today. In addition, some accessories that were used in the field of play are sold

This is to avoid a complaint by the rights company that represented Elvis. The shipping of that sign on eBay has an extra cost of 50 dollars, in addition to the almost 300 dollars for which it is for sale, makes shipping to all US departments and you can pay directly or in installments