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What is known about the origins from Van Halen’s pinball machine?

A mythical American rock band represented it, and little or nothing is known about the founding date. What we can say is that its design was inspired by Dolly Patron. It seems that Stern has appropriated the rights, but this cannot be confirmed. First, because not even shows it on its page. Otherwise, yes I would

This and various rock groups, the rights company that represented them, had always been very reluctant to develop pinball machines for musical bands. Among the things that stood out the most about this pinball, before passing you how the number of sales was, is that you could choose Roth vs. Hagar, since both were highly close, united by each other

In order to represent one gang or another, during the development of the game, you had to get the ball to the starters of Roth and Hagar. If you took them to Van Halen, the player lost points. He also stood out for using a captive ball

In terms of the number of units exported, we can say, not with complete certainty, that it has been used domestically. For whom? People linked to the gang, basically relatives. The duel is served. Share your opinion on the forum dedicated to the Van Halen range of pinball machines

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