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Sonic’s portable pinball machine litmus test

What news is there about the real Sonic pinball machine?

It is known that they exist in a tabletop model and as a virtual video game. Little is known about the real Sonic pinball machine, right? Keep reading… This makes us very frustrated, how is it possible that there is no real Sonic pinball machine these days? It is equal to or more dramatic than the Harry Potter pinball machine. This video game belongs to the SEGA Game branch

This gives clues about a possible Sonic pinball production in a short time: that its producer is SEGA, that it has real pinball machines on the market that are sold, like the model of Baywatch pinball machine, one of the best known, is a clear indication that we will not have the Sonic range for a long time of real pinball on the market

The video game was released on November 15, 1993. Wait, wait, so far everything we’ve said is a joke 😜. Check out this article from the forum dedicated to real Sonic pinball machine. Ryan Mcsquid has built one on his own, with no help from Sega or anyone else. If you want to find out who he is, you have to click on the link

The 6 Features of the Sonic’s miniature pinball machine

– 4 flippers

– 2 pop bumpers

– 1 slingshot

– 1 ramp

– 1 spinning target

– Manual punctuation marker

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Will it be possible to find the real Sonic pinball machine for sale in our online store?

Do you want us to tell you the answer? Hahaha, what a rhetorical question, Of course YES!

If you have visited the article on, surely you have already realized the big problem that all our Sonic pinballers have… We remedy this problem, but, what? What does this remedy consist of?

In being on the lookout for the company SEGA, eBay and In some of the 3 webs or several of them, you will see news about the Sonic pinball machine, and we will tell you everything in the first place

ATTENTION to this message, Sonicers: Let’s all go to SEGA and send them a message of clamor so that once and for all they commercialize that range of pinball that we have been waiting for so long!